Batman: Arkahm City Review (360) GamerFitNation

GamerFitNation writes a review for Batman Arkham City. " Batman: Arkham City Developed by Rocksteady studios is the sequel to the game of the year nominee for 2009, Batman: Arkham Asylum. Arkham City expands on what made the previous game so great. The way the story is told is done in such a way that you can’t pull yourself away. Arkham City has so much more than just a great story though. There are hundreds of little puzzles to solve and challenges to overcome, the game will keep you occupied for days on end."

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Bobby Kotex2387d ago

Most people are done with this game.

Rush2387d ago

Yeah the same way most people are done with Final Fantasy 6,7 and The legend of Zelda series.

After all great games aren't timeless and have a 6 month shelf life right... right?

Rigogo2387d ago

i love this game. wish i had it.

cyborg69712387d ago

Maybe story wise, but over all arkham city is miles better.

optimus2387d ago

i just bought and finished arkham asylum 2weeks ago. liked it a lot. i figure i'll be getting this when the price comes down in a few months.

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