Ten 2011 Game Soundtracks Worth Checking Out writes, "It’s that time of year again where “Top 10″ lists saturate gaming blogs even more than usual. And yet, game music will once again receive little to no attention on most sites. That simply just won’t do! For the third year in a row, I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on the sweeping scores and bumping beats that the soundtracks of 2011 brought us.

Of course, listening to every soundtrack released in North America last year is an impossible task and my taste might not sync up with yours. I may have not listed your personal favorite (let me know in the comments), but maybe you’ll discover something new. I’ve included a four song sampler clip and purchase link for each soundtrack below for your convenience."

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Hellsvacancy2536d ago

Wtf? thats a poor list in my opinion, Deus Ex 3 yes i agree but the others? and no AC: Revelations? that game had some awesome music

iChii2535d ago

SotC Collection?! That game has BEAUTIFUL soundtracks!

bobrea2536d ago

Eh. Not a great list. I'm more of a fan of orchestral soundtracks, such as The Witcher 2

vikingland12536d ago

I liked the Bastion soundtrack and rayman is funny.

dirthurts2536d ago

Bastion and Rayman both have amazing soundtracks. The two best of the year imo.

archemides5182535d ago

no comment on the article but i like that pic

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