Xbox in £4m ad spend

Christmas marketing figures unveiled; £4 million budget to match Sony's PS3 outlay.

Microsoft is spending over four million pounds on its Christmas marketing push, matching the figure SCE UK has earmarked for its PlayStation 3 campaign.

The platform holder is inviting consumers to 'jump in' through a huge range of TV and other media promotions as the Christmas console hardware battle continues to heat up.

"We're spending over £4 million in the UK this festive season talking about how, with over 300 games on Xbox 360 this Christmas, there really is something for everyone," said Microsoft UK's head of gaming and entertainment Stephen McGill. "Naturally a lot of this goes on advertising, the bulk of which is television that's been running for a couple of weeks now and continues through the rest of the year."

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SDFm3rc3729d ago

it seems as though MS is solely intent on squeezing the very last breath away from Sony. They just won't leave them alone, like a hungry, 800 lb black gorilla, looking to kill something.

Shadow Flare3729d ago

"We’re spending over £4 million in the UK this festive season talking about how, with over 300 games on Xbox 360 this Christmas, there really is something for everyone,”

...Like what?

When you mean everyone, you're speaking of, xbox 1 users of old, hardcore gamers and americans.

"there really is something for everyone”

So are they thinking, "Right we have Scene It. That's the casual market all sewn up".

And beyond that, its shooter, shooter, shooter

Any other game that isn't a shooter, is a poor mans version of the playstation equivalent

TheMART3729d ago

You're so so wrong

It has been proven, 18% of all 360 games are shooters. Thus about one out of five games. Four out of five aren't.

Plus, the 360 has more games then the PS3. PS3 still has allmost no games. And those that are good are... Shooters also! Warhawk, Resistance, Uncharted... You say what again?

ceedubya93729d ago

Shooters are extremely popular these days, and it doesn't matter what console you are talking about. Shooters are ruling sales right now, as you should be able to see as the most popular games for the PS3 are indeed some form of a shooter (Call of Duty 4, Warhawk, Resistance, and soon Unreal Tournament and Killzone 2). Whether you believe it or not, the 360 DOES have something for everyone, as it has at least one or two titles to choose from for every genre. With much better support this gen, you can't lable the 360 as a "shooter" console anymore. There are just too many games available for the console that to say otherwise would just show console bias.

Keowrath3729d ago

"PS3 still has almost no games"

Almost... so not quite then. So it HAS games. So that would make you (as per usual) WRONG!

And Besides, this isn't about playstation, it's about Xbox and as shadow flare quite rightfully said what does the Xbox have to offer the casual crowd? Scene it? Wow! I bet that will keep people hooked to the machine for AGES!

The ads in the UK are Sh!te! There are only 2 at the moment. And it has a bunch of children singing an old poison (I think) tune and a bunch of people standing around a bus stop or car park roof. They are really really bad. You're not left thinking "WOW, this is the next gen of gaming!" Hopefully the new adverts will actually focus on the actual games.

MaximusPrime3729d ago

if i do see adverts for Xbox, the first thing comes to my mind, red ring of death.

Bladestar3729d ago

Interesting.. when I think of the PS3.. the only thing that comes to mind is blu-ray movies... and games like Lair... it reminds me why I don't play games a hotel rooms... you know that stupid integrated gaming system they have that charge you a lot to play some cheap games?

RROD is getting old you know... didn't you noticed since microsoft released the new SKUs... people arent complaining.. (well except Sony fanboys) such as yourself.. which will talk about this even after the xbox 4 is released. though you forget the PS1 and PS2 hardware issues which even caused a recall...

mighty_douche3729d ago

they're [email protected]!

im not biased though, Sony's are sh!t here to :/

digger183729d ago

Yeah both the PS3 and 360 adverts are crap here lol

lynx1halo3729d ago

with all of their issues with hardware, poor sales, and a multitude of other issues...they are lucky to have billions in the bank, as any other company in the world that has failed in all areas as badly as the xbox360 has, would have gone under a long time ago

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