Choplifter HD Release Dates Confirmed

Andrew says:

"Ready to take control of a variety of helicopters armed with many weapons? Today, InXile Entertainment confirmed that release dates and pricing for this upcoming game. The game is due to release on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and PC. Now we know you're reading this to see that dates and prices for each... Choplifter HD will be available to download on PlayStation Network and PC on January 10th and as for Xbox Live that'll be on January 11th with the price being $14.99 or 1200 MSP."

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Yi-Long2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

... why are almost all new downloadable games so expensive?

It just means that it stops being an impulse buy and starts being an actual purchase, and for that kinda money I can pick up a great retailgame from the bargainbins, like Deus Ex 3 or GT5 or whatever.

I wish they'd be a bit more realistic with their pricing for these games.

H2OAcidic2302d ago

I know right! Not everyone is made of this thing called money. I do agree with you at first it's like OMG this game is awesome and I must buy. Now it's more WTF! 15 dollars screw that.

TheRacingX2302d ago

I agree with you, it may be a fun game, but at $15 I feel like it better be worth it or I got screwed. If I dropped $5 or even $8 and its not that good, the thinking is its only $5 and next time dont be so impulsive. That's why I like the PS+ service, alot of times those games get the discount and I'll make the quick buy. At $15+ I'm looking for reviews, gameplay footage, then I'm still wondering. At the lower $$ I'll probably say "screw it lets just check it out"