Square Enix opens new Kingdom Hearts compilation website

Square Enix have decided to open a new Kingdom Hearts compilation website which features information on the entire franchise, which is getting bigger by the day.

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WilliamRLBaker3878d ago

Close up all the huge plot holes in the game in the sequal and all the other i think spinoffs they are making.

Darkiewonder3878d ago

they'll fill in the story so far and add a new plot to just make another sequel to the game ;o

name3878d ago

This better lead to a kingdom hearts on the PS3. I swear to God they better not give this franchise to the wii I'm serious.

Darkiewonder3878d ago

But you would have to get the DS and PSP version to find the extra "EXTRA" Ending. ;)

allstarpt193878d ago

i agree name they better not and i hope at jump fest they will announce birth of sleep release date

GodsHand3878d ago

I love making those things.

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