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DmC Devil May Cry “Squarely Competing With Bayonetta” In Gameplay

Siliconera writes, "Xbox Live have conducted a brief interview with Alex Jones, Capcom USA’s producer on DmC Devil May Cry. Joining him is Tameem Antoniades​, creative director of developer, Ninja Theory, who are developing the game under Capcom Japan’s guidance." (Alex Jones, Bayonetta, DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Tameem Antoniades, Xbox 360)

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zeal0us  +   1300d ago
For goodness sake change the name already DMC: Devil may cry is driving me crazy.
Lord_Sloth  +   1300d ago
They wish to make sure everybody knows what it is...Or they keep forgetting themselves, which is very likely given the number of changes to what exactly this is, so they put a double note for it. Repetition equals memorization. XXXP
Megaman_nerd  +   1300d ago
At 30 frames I don't think so.
ABizzel1  +   1300d ago
And that's the only fault I have with this game as of now. you can;t go from 30fps in DMC 4 down to 30fps in the newer game.

They need to pull a God of War 3 and have 60fps for combat, and 30fps for non action packed moments.
versusALL  +   1300d ago
Ta-Ha, lol. Good Luck with that
OmegaSlayer  +   1300d ago
LOL, if they compete with Bayonetta, they're going to lose big time.
TurretKiller  +   1300d ago
I would rather take Sarah Palins younger sister in the tight black suit then the the trampy looking emo who looks like a video game version of Robert Patterson from Twilight....

Bayonetta could go on to be an amazing franchise, to compare the new dmc with it is just disrespectful.
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ovhaum  +   1300d ago
Emo Dante you're a Mistery / You've come along with a destiny...flop

Hideki Kamiya must be crying right now.
Baka-akaB  +   1300d ago
Rofl (sorry but that's all it inspires me right now , and the nicest thing i've said about them so far)
Pozzle  +   1300d ago
Wow, the new Dante looked really lifelike when he was being interviewed and then went back to low-res when he was in gameplay.
ZombieAssassin  +   1300d ago
Ha I see what you did there...but yea who are they kidding Bayonetta is THE hack n slash game this gen and I doubt they'll even touch it on any level and this is coming from someone who is a huge fan of NT's previous games.
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Sonyslave3  +   1300d ago
Hey at least it going to be better then DMC 4
ZombieAssassin  +   1300d ago
What was wrong with Dmc4, besides all the back tracking which I'll admit was very cheap.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1300d ago
umm the backtracking was a huge flaw. The game is really 4 hours long, then you replay the game backwards for another 4 hours. Terrible game
Gamer-Z  +   1300d ago
It already lost that Competition.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1300d ago
more like Devil WILL Cry... cause this game has officially been butchered!
kewlkat007  +   1300d ago
Enjoyed Bayonetta....We need more Woman Bad-asses in gaming...waiting for part 2.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1300d ago
I openly admit that emo Dante looks really stupid, but the rest of the game is looking pretty great as far as I'm concerned.

The backlash for this game has just really....dumbfounded me.
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InTheLab  +   1300d ago
Gameplay or Combat? Not a chance beating Bayo in combat but gameplay...

Anyone remember that dumbass on the rails motorcycle section...or was it sections? Or the insta-death QTEs? Or fighting the same damn bosses over an over again? Or how about fighting an angel that leads to a cutscene that opens another path to another fight which triggers a cutcene which leads to two more cutscenes...?
ovhaum  +   1300d ago
lol! So true about the insta-death QTEs, motorcycle stage. I hated the shoot-em-up stage too.

But fighting the same bosses didn't bother me, and you can skip cut scenes even in your 1st playtrough.
TheMutator  +   1300d ago
Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooool!!!!!!!!! you wish ninja theory
Tanir  +   1300d ago
honestly the gameplay looks fun. if u forget its a DMC game it looks awesome. Gameplay Regardless of 30 fps looks funner than God of war 3 and thats no lie. Bayonetta.....probably def not lol.

still NT is trying, they aren't Kamiya and i think what they aree doing with their skills is great.

things i would def change but its too late and out of our power
aPerson  +   1300d ago
The backlash for this game makes me laugh. Franchises are often rebooted. Devil May Cry is no exception. The game looks great. I don't care what any of you say.

(in b4 "oh yeah? well none of us care what you have to say either")
Hatiko  +   1299d ago
"Franchises are often rebooted"
Those franchises are usually ones that needed a reboot. They were old and jumping into a new era. A game franchise that started in 2001 isn't old and doesn't need a reboot just because the team thinks it "wasn't cool enough". This one didn't need a reboot.
nolifeking  +   1300d ago
LOL. Good luck with the canned combos and the hit to fps. As someone who has never made a game, I can say in full confidence there was a reason bay(you know what I'm talking about) GOW, Dantes Inferno(?), DMC and Vanquish ran at 60fps, because that's the way these games should be played. If you cut that in half, sissify the main character and, as of now, dumb down the combat, good luck competing with even DMC2.
IRetrouk  +   1300d ago
i may not like what they have done with dante, but the game itself looks interesting, will prob end up buying.
nolifeking  +   1300d ago
Thanks for being one of the people who helps me not see the conclusion to the interesting Dante and Vergil saga. I guess I have to use the bullsh#it UMVC3 fights with my buddy to figure it out.
IRetrouk  +   1300d ago
like i said, i dont like what they have done with dante, but to me the game does look interesting, i liked both previous games the dev made so i dont see why this game wont be enjoyable, yep they messed dante up and the story is diffrent, the game itself should still be good.
Hatiko  +   1299d ago
You saw the conclusion in DMC1. Vergil blew up. He's dead. I don't get why people think he is still alive. HE BLEW UP! And he dropped his amulet which didn't happen the first few times he beat him. And no, Nero isn't Vergil and Vergil isn't in Nero's arm. Nero got the arm after he was attacked by demons. End of saga.

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