2012 PS3 Exclusives by Release Date

Want know what's releasing exclusively for PlayStation 3 in 2012, and when, look no further. Here is a list of all the games that are coming in 2012, ordered by release date.

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gaffyh2420d ago

Even though the list is pretty big, there's only a few games that I personally want to get.

fluffydelusions2419d ago

I think there is only like 3 games out of that list that I'm not interested in...

BluEx6102419d ago

Great list, God of War IV, Agent, and Sony Title Fight might get added to that list.

FF vs XIII, The Last Gaurdian, The Last of Us, Twisted Metal, and Sorcery is what I'm looking forward to the most out of that list.

EeJLP-2419d ago

So far 2012 looks 'relatively' weak compared to other years.. and that's with The Last Guardian, which we're only assuming will be 2012.

There's a lot of J games I have 0 interest in. I don't know why people scream Ni No Kuni from the rooftops. It looks like a game for 7 year olds. All cartoonish and J-like.

Out of the ones listed I'm only interested in The Last Guardian and The Last Of Us. May pick up Starhawk and Twisted Metal eventually.

First time I've seen Malicious, so idk about that. Jak, I'd much rather have an R&C HD collection, but may pick it up when it's very cheap.

MLB 12, I already have 10, not that into baseball to buy a newer one yet. Tales of G, Yakuza, Ni No, Tales of X, Final Fantasy; not interested in J games unless Yakuza zombie game plays very different than the other games, might consider it.

Sly, I'm less interested in than Jak. Sorcery looks good, but for kids. Journey, I buy full retail games mostly, so not too interested, but may consider it.

Hopefully God of War IV and Agent are confirmed for 2012, and/or other similar games. That would make it another great year. God of War IV, Agent, The Last Guardian, The Last Of Us, Ratchet & Clank HD Collection around October, and maybe Starhawk I'd be relatively excited for.

I'd also like to see Test Drive: Eve of Destruction 2 get released with EoD in HD on the PS3 version's disk.

Just my opinions on each and being specfic.

ABizzel12419d ago


This is probably this most diverse list of games Sony's or any other console has had this generation.

I'm all for Western games, and games that are big on action, but I also embrace diversity. There's no reason to complain since you can always count on buying third party games.

As for me it's good to finally see Japan doing SOMETHING. They've been the weakest link of game development out of the 3 big territories, and it's a shame. I guess development cost have gone down some, and the install base is finally enough for developers to take a chance on the PS3 in Japan.

EeJLP-2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

It's still a respectable list if you're interested in all of those. For me, of the 3 pages, you can fill a page with J games, so that's out of the picture, then you can fill another 1-1 1/2 pages with kinda kiddie games. That only leaves a few what I'll call core games, of which we aren't even sure will actually release in 2012.

If they all do release and they announce at least one more 'core' game like Agent or MGS5 (Highly unlikely with Rising coming) for 2012 at E3 it will stack up better to prior years. As of now, I think it would rank as the 5th best year for PS3 exclusives behind:
2011 - UC3, LBP2, R3, inF2, KZ3, Ico/SotC, GoW: Origins, etc.
2009 - UC2, KZ2, GoW: Collection, R&C:ACiT, Demon's Souls, inF, etc.
2010 - GoWIII, GT5, Heavy Rain, MAG, 3DDGH, etc.
2008 - MGS4, R2, LBP, Pacific Rift, GT5:P, etc.

And not too far ahead of (if at all):
2007 - Uncharted, MotorStorm, R&C:ToD, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Folklore, etc.

It needs at least 1 more 'core' game IMO.

SoapShoes2419d ago

@EeJLP - They do have another hardcore title, they just missed a few of them. Dust 514 is one of them...

EeJLP-2419d ago

You seem like the type that gets hyped over anything (like everyone who thought Brink was going to be amazing). From what I've seen of Dust 514 so far, it reminds me of a Haze 2. Not saying that's a bad thing (I still own Haze), just that it doesn't look like we're talking Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted level here.

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rabidpancakeburglar2419d ago

Some. There's at least 8 there that I'm either definitely getting or think look interesting but the rest just doesn't appeal to me e.g. I'll never understand why people like Yakuza games.

gaffyh2419d ago

I enjoyed Yakuza 3, but 4 was just more of the same, so I don't have high hopes for Dead Souls.

sikbeta2419d ago

The Last of US will be mine for sure, TM with TM:Black is assured puchase as well, will see about the others, definitely don't care about MLB, Tales and few more from that list...

P_Bomb2419d ago

Yakuza? Simple. Great charachters, good stories, tons of gameplay, fun combat. It's like a River City Ransom/Shenmue meets MGS with RPG elements in Japanese. Nothing else quite like it.

rabidpancakeburglar2419d ago

I meant to write same there not some.

I just don't get that, to me the Yakuza combat is terrible.

Nitrowolf22419d ago


I can agree with the gameplay. It'snot exactly perfect and sometimes it can be annoying, but I Tend to think that the story does an excellent job to make you want to continue playing

P_Bomb2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

It's all about the heat moves and context sensitive combat. You have to level up to buy the best moves or unlock em in challenges, and then fill up your heat meter with the admittedly meat'n'potatoes punches/kicks/taunts to use them.

Then the fun starts.

Cigarette to the eyes, golfclub tee off, handcuff takedown, human javelin, running up a lamp post, suplex onto a bike rail, triple dropkick, nutshot backwards flip kick, bicycle curb stomp, pulling out teeth with pliers, throwing guys off of rooftops or into cars. Everything you can pick up has its own finisher. Best part is it's all simple.

*shrugs* works for me, but I cut my teeth on old school punch/kick adventures like Final Fight, River City Ransom, Double Dragon, Bad Dudes, Battletoads and Streets of Rage.

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FACTUAL evidence2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I like how the majority of the release dates are estimated. That helps bunches!


I'm going to laugh at your comment when it goes multi-plat.

showtimefolks2419d ago

for me personally:

jak hd collection, this is my most wanted game of 2012 followed by a close 2nd for borderlands 2

last of us which will come out in 20112 since ND team has been working on it since release of uncharted 2

last guardian,fall 2011 this game was close to being finished so one would think around september 2012 this game could launch, but i feel as this will be a PSN title only

Yakuza dead souls, what can i say i am a sucker for yakuza series, i still hope one day we get hd versions of yakuza 1-2 even if only on psn. or maybe with yakuza 5 those 2 can come on the bluray disk as a limited edition version of yakuza 5

MLB the show, this is the only sports game i get but this year i want to see what they have improved before i buy it, who the heck am i kidding i am a huge baseball fan(yankees)i will get it lol

twisted metal day one with twisted metal black, is black in HD on disk or just the regular edition?


both i will get because both look very interesting

SLY 4 day one for sure if the quality is up to what sucker punch's standards

Starhawk day one

agent, which i believe we will see something for before E3 yeh you read it right before E3 sony/RS will unveil something for it maybe on spike tv for E3's build up

FF13 versus, i believe we will see something new about it at E3 and i still believe its a ps3 exclusive unless we are told otherwise

and that's about it, maybe exclusives wise its not as packed as 2011 but most of these exclusives are quality titles and there are many great 3rd party games due out in 2012 so it should be another great years for gamers every where no matter which system you own

Why o why2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

lol..I'm still waiting for a hd yakuza full stop;). ill be grabbing the dead souls though

last guardian seems like full retail. Nothing suggests otherwise to me

After being in the beta I'm definitely getting starhawk

Kinda agree about the last us

Respect the franchise but I'm not a fan of mlb baseball

I'm not sure whether ff13 vs is still exclusive, hope it is as to save time and utilise the ps3s strengths but I'm not sure if its gunna release this year.

Never played a sly game, may try a thing

and yep, another good year for gamers

Ares84HU2419d ago

For me there isn't a single game that I'm really excited for on that list.

Last year was much better for me as far as PS3 exclusives go.

Blacksand12418d ago

FFV13 coming in 2013 when PS4 come out

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Godchild10202419d ago

There are a total of 7 games I already have reserved and there are like 5 more that are on that list that I'm waiting to see a US release date for.

Twisted Metal, Jak & Daxter collection, StarHawk, Tales of Graces F, Sorcery, Sly cooper: Thieves in Time, and The Last of Us.

FFVXIII, Tales of Xillia, Last Guardian, Ni No Kuni and Journey.

Ducky2419d ago

Starhawk is estimated at August?
That's too far away. =(

BitbyDeath2419d ago

Open beta will be releasing very soon

BiggsnWedge2419d ago

Versus will probably be announced as FF15 and made into a multiplatform game announced at E3. Then all of us who own an Xbox360 can play it. :)

sikbeta2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

It's not a typical FF game, you don't know how people will react to the changes, easy route was name it FF.VS.XIII, so if it's not received well, there is no damage

CGI-Quality2419d ago

You people with a 360 can play Versus XIII, if you buy a PS3. Every game can't and shouldn't be on every system!

OT: Most games are day 1 purchases here (although The Last Of Us is likely to be an early 2013 title (just my hunch, though).

BiggsnWedge2419d ago

It will be, count on it. Wada wouldn't pass up the extra opportunity at more money. Sony doesn't have exclusive rights to versus either.

DarkZane2419d ago

It won't be on 360. The game is made specifically for PS3 and to tell you the truth, the 360 simply isn't powerful enough to run that game.

Just buy a PS3 already.

CGI-Quality2419d ago

While you're holding your breath for a 360 release, those of us with the system it's definitely coming to will just have to be a tad more patient. :)

TopDudeMan2419d ago

I'm interested in FF versus XIII and Last of us. That's about it.

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