PlayStation Vita Review [Game Revolution]

The Vita has that cutting-edge techy feel to it, and that 5-inch OLED screen seals the deal. It’s simply gorgeous. The capacitive touch panel gives the PlayStation Vita the only rear-end that I find sexier than Kim Kardashian’s. The analog sticks are a god-send. They make me want to track down the dope that created circle pads and give him a good shaking. They’re real analog sticks, working perfectly to replicate the home console experience.

~Anthony Severino, Game Revolution

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Sev2296d ago

The best handheld ever created.

OMGitzThatGuy2296d ago

No, gameboy advance and sp forever holds that title.

cervantes2402296d ago

Glad to hear that the hardware itself functions well. Can't wait!

doctorstrange2296d ago

Love it, just finished Uncharted.

specialguest2296d ago

Did it added to the gameplay in terms of being an interesting way to play the game? Or did it feel tacked on and unnecesary?

tweet752296d ago

well worth $250 even though it is not perfect I have a feeling it will be the best portable system yet

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The story is too old to be commented.