2011: Year of the video-game story

2011 became the year a great narrative became an indispensable ingredient for making a great game, and there's no going back now.

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THR1LLHOUSE2511d ago

I think you're totally on the trolley here. Just look at how many people played Uncharted 3 so they could see how they story went despite the apparently-messed up shooting.

And I'm glad you brought up MW3. I hated the story in those games (mostly 'cause of 2's awful campaign), I didn't didn't care at all when...something happened to one of the characters...and yet, I still was kinda interested in seeing how it all played out just for the sake of seeing the whole plot.

Hopefully 2012 can top 2011.

SybaRat2511d ago

We covered The Witcher 2, right? Right.

Son_Lee2511d ago

Only games that had a decent story to me were Dead Space 2, Deus Ex, and Catherine.

Capt-FuzzyPants2511d ago

Yeah I think other years were better like when FFX, KH and a bunch of other games with great stories came out. This year was alright but about the same as every other year.

Son_Lee2511d ago

Yeah, back when RPGs were prevalent and featured great stories. I have confidence this year will be better with FFXIII-2, Mass Effect 3, BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, etc.

Sugreev20012511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Tons of games I beat in 2011 had great stories - Portal 2,Batman Arkham City,Deus Ex:Human Revolution,Uncharted 3,Resistance 3,LA Noire and Dead Space 2.There were a couple of disappointments too like Gears 3 and Killzone 3,but that doesn't take away the fact that I played many games with compelling narratives.