What games can learn from comic books

Are video games following a similar evolutionary path as comic books? Read on to learn more.

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THR1LLHOUSE2417d ago

A very interesting piece...Especially since games and comics have both been kind of historically looked down upon.

I think we just need our Watchmen. The game that's so incredible that even the people who don't like video games have to begrudgingly say "Ugh, fine, whatever."

Baka-akaB2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Can't say that i entirely agree , we've had plenty "Watchmen" moments already , in the sense of games truly resonating within the general population and making gaming mainstream .

And comics still aint that kindly looked upon right now , at least not everywhere . Even some of its fans were annoyed/ashamed enough to start silly trends like calling it "graphic novels" instead , and some only speak up when a movie adaptation make a huge splash .

Wich is even weirder when plenty got no issue being openly manga or EU comics fans .

SybaRat2416d ago

Gad, I hope not. Comics are now like five bucks for 19 pages of story and 8 pages of crap ads, both of which look the same. Trades FTW!