How To Take Screenshots With The PlayStation Vita

So you know how to take screenshots ahead of the handheld’s western launch next month, PSLS have detailed the necessary steps. - PSLS

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Sev2240d ago

This is such a nifty feature. I bet this gets a lot of use.

doctorstrange2240d ago

I do wish it didnt mean you died after tho.

GribbleGrunger2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

yes, more articles like this please... and that goes for ALL consoles. it would make coming here an informative experience and not a test of ones nerve

NukaCola2240d ago

Really sweet. You know what else would be really cool: When the youtube app releases, add a firmware feature to record and allow easy posting to youtube. Could totally makes tons of sweet videos.

Oaklnd2240d ago

gotta get those snapshots in!

cervantes2402240d ago

A very cool and useful feature!

doctorstrange2240d ago

A couple of unnecessary steps, but better than nothing.

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