SFX-360's NFL Blitz (XBLA) Review

Russ says:

"Blitz is back (for Xbox Live and the Playstation Network)! After several years of not having an NFL license (which brought forth games like Blitz: The League and its sequel Blitz: The League II), the franchise is back with EA Sports with the newest rendition of the series. The game brings back the signature features that fans all came to love (with an EA adaptation), though some of fans’ favorite things (late hits, for example) were removed after consulting with the NFL..."

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RememberThe3572535d ago

OH! That picture brings back a bad memory of a good game. But we got tenth pick in the draft! Consolation prize!

On Topic: I'm not sure if want to see an EA Blitz. No late hits? WTF? It's not Blitz if you can't break every NFL rule. I want to see more of this though, Blitz was heavy on my PS1 back in the day.

H2OAcidic2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

I hear you! Our staff member has been playing it non-stop. I'm still not sure if he's got any sleep since starting yesterday. I like the game but only time will tell if this is a hit with the gamers who enjoyed the classic.

Yea, EA taking over was interesting so it sucks some stuff was taken out that people did enjoy. Damn straight! Break every rule in the book is how this game should be played.