What is SOPA and Why it is a Ridiculous Piece of Crap

A summary of what SOPA is, what it does, why it's a piece of crap, and how it will affect video games as a whole.

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LargeKnob2419d ago

We're always four steps ahead of them. They close down one torrent site, 4 pop back up etc etc.. Watch this space :D

sikbeta2419d ago

lol if SOPA is applied, they could easily block any outside torrent tracker, so yeah, if you live outside of America, you'll be OK, everyone inside will not

In its current form, it's Bad and I cannot blame the ones who want to protect their intellectual properties, but with some major tweaks, I can see it working...

Rush2419d ago

Wow it's easy to pull the wool over your eyes ain't it...

The same people that distributed most of the piracy software that made such a media storm, are now the ones suing people for using it.

CBS part of the suit basically distributed most of the Bit torrent software and MP3 down-loaders like LimeWire made millions from the advertisement and even used to make a list of the most popular downloads and have stuff like beetles MP3's openly downloadable on there website CNET.

This is the same group that is now whining like bitches in congress about people using there tools they openly distributed and profited from how they where supposed to be used.

Disney played a part in this little scandal also...


This has naff all to do with people protecting there intellectual properties...

This has everything to do with a power struggle for certain companies to attempt to gain control of the internet.

It's just a bunch of technological dinosaurs that made billions of a free and open nation, now trying to close the free market because there FUKIN BUSINESS MODELS NO LONGER WORK!!!!

Seriously am not American but your forefathers would be turning in there graves..

sikbeta2419d ago

Calm down boy, are you OK? wow! internerd rage, so cute :P didn't say I liked it and there is no way it's implemented in its current form, hell, youtube alone could be shut down if SOPA is applied, that's why I said, with some tweaks it could work, you think the corporations will be OK if the Court don't give the OK to this crap? they'll work on it and push until the end, deal with it, even the gaming industry is supporting it, although some are backing off

Aither2419d ago


Well said, very well said. Although I will go one step ahead of you and say this, it's not the company's that will get the power from this bill, it's the Government.

Anything that the government deems unworthy or not in the best interest of the people could and will be shut down. This includes blogs, youtube, wikipedia, even favebook. If there is something that anyone can complain about whether it be entrainment or not, our voices could no longer be heard on the internet. In other words the internet could no longer be free.


I don't disagree with you in those who want to protect their intellectual property, and I am not a big advocate of piracy. I must say that this bill is not the way to protect private property. All this bill will do is give more government control in the form of protecting private property. Even N4G could be shut down with this bill. I agree with Rush in that our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves with what our government has grown to.

RXL2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

There is nothing you can do?

how misleading and WRONG..

Contact your local congressman and voice your opinion...spread the word to your friends and family to do the same..

be the voice and yell something!'s "WE THE PEOPLE" on the constitution...not "YOU THE GOVERNMENT"...what does it hurt to write or call your congressman? doesn't...

a couple minutes out of your day will help stave off this ridiculous bill..

if you're a blogger and have a poster of a movie in the background...{site can be shut down}

a youtube user doing a cover song of a popular song? {video taken down and further legal actions follow}

have a website where you review video games? {company doesn't like it, website shut down}

etc etc etc..

a lot of video game companies and miscellaneous companies WERE supporting this bill but are now backing out of was one..and after the back lash of many of their customers leaving their service...they reneged their support..

Eff this Bill

death2smoochie2419d ago

The bill gives too much power to the Government to close down sites for insignificant issues.
It's pure evil.

Kyosuke_Sanada2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

It's the reason I have Cobra Commander as my avatar this year, the government is trying too hard to have their hand in every cookie jar. I remember when I heard the during the summer of last year that this bill was being stealthily constructed and I laughed saying "No way will this have any momentum to see the light of day but lo and behold....." I already signed a few petitions against it but I'm not a citizen so I can only do so much........

Aither2419d ago

Do more than that. Contact your congressman and complain to them. Our voices need to be heard or else the government will stomp over all our rights. You think they care about us? Governments care about only two things:

1. Money.

2. Power.

They want to be able to control us, but the sad thing is they do it so subtly that we always say "There is no way this bill will pass." but they always do, unless light is shown on the acts of what the government does.

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