SWTOR goes Footloose, bans players for dancing

Those caught dancing outside of designated zones will be banned from Star Wars: The Old Republic


Site has been updated: BioWare has since confirmed that the "ban" email was fake and fans are free to dance wherever they'd like!

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StraightPath2267d ago

wow..funny how developers ban gamers when they release buggy games which gamers use and exploit due to their own doings...

Panthers2267d ago

Haha... You think this was serious?

Game is amazing.

RedDead2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Suppose it makes sense, since it's cheating

StraightPath it's the same as every online game, players using glitches to their own advantage on purpose. Check out Cod and getting out of the map

sxbrady2267d ago Show
maniac762267d ago

rofl,i was like wtf,obviously something that outragious is fake,but for the half sec it was funny to think it

AzaziL2267d ago

After all the ridiculous bans by EA, it's no surprise some people fell for this one.

AzaziL2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

google "Origin Bans" or "EA Bans" to see what I ment

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