Japan's Top Developers Look Back at 2011 and Forward To 2012

Just before the New Years break, 4Gamer posted its annual mega feature looking back at the year prior and forward to the year to come. This year the site interviewed 80 developers, asking them to name their top game, entertainment content and personality from 2011, and to share a preview of what's to come in 2012.

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specialguest2508d ago

The SE producers had Skyrim as their 2011 top pick. Hopefully they could be inspired by what was good about Skyrim.

Matrix2k2508d ago

Please no, there was nothing good about skyrim that even rocket slime 3 didnt achieve.

To be fair they did put a spin on the question

specialguest2508d ago

Love Skyrim or not, to say that there's NOTHING good about Skyrim puts you in the absolute minority.

B1663r2507d ago

No... It makes him a troll, and unfortunately the vast majority of people on n4g are trolls.

Matrix2k2507d ago

The world is big. Thats about al there is good about it.

Broken combat shallow combat, weak story, weak quests,, forgetable characters,


I can go on and on

PshycoNinja2508d ago

Where is Hideo Kojima and Tetsuya Nomura on thy list? They should both be on there! Blah!!!