You Can Get A Xbox Live Avatar Tattoo, But You Can’t Own A Gun?

Mike.M @ Addicted-Gamers' take on getting a tat for your Avatar, but not being able to buy a gun.

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Pikajew2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Is this guy high?
Tattoos and guns are totally different. Guns kill people and tattoos dont.

AG-Mike2328d ago

Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

darthv722328d ago

i am reminded of this image when I hear that comment.

rabidpancakeburglar2328d ago

Guns are a weapon used by people to kill other people so guns do kill people.

Rampaged Death2328d ago

Guns don't kill people, rappers do !

RedDead2328d ago

Tattoos aren't used to kill. But even so, it's stupid, they let us play games with guns, but Avatars can't have them?

Majin-vegeta2328d ago

@Darthv72 one of my bros co workers happens to know the guy that played Jaws thinking of buying 007 Reloaded and having him autograph it for me.

OT:I think it's stupid to remove a gun from a fictional character of yourself.What's he gonna do come out the tv and start shooting??Lmfao no seriously i wanna why they are removing guns IMO it's stupid.

NukaCola2328d ago

In the original Oddworld, Abe recieved two tattoos after completing the two lands of Scrabania and Paramonia and with them he killed a metric ass ton of people.

So tattoos in fact kill people.

True story.

Bigpappy2328d ago

Avatars are for casuals. How come you hardcore guys now care about avatars. I am glad M$ don't listen to you knuts. Casuals love avatars and are usually kids and parents. They are many in that group who do not want kids fantasizing over guns. I let my son play game with guns, but I understand and support M$'s position.

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Jobesy2328d ago

"Guns kill people and tattoos dont."

Ever hear of blood infections? Transmited diseases? Certain gang affiliated tattoos causing people to get beatdowns/murdered? Yeah, tattoos are totally innocent.

hellvaguy2328d ago

What about guns being used to protect yur own life or to feed yur family from hunting?

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richierich2328d ago

I find it very hard to believe people actually pay for these

Dlacy13g2328d ago

oddly enough... I think its you can't get "real model" gun for your avatar because you can get the Gears of War chainsaw and hammer burst gun props for your avatar.

AG-Mike2328d ago

I'm not quite sure what your comment means, but if you are saying you can get the Gears weapons for your Avatar, you can't. They have been removed as have all "guns".

Dlacy13g2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

@AG-Mike, I was talking about that very item. I was "thinking sure you can" as I have it. But upon a look just now I can't find it anywhere... But they were there and its still available for my avatar. See link.

Goozex2328d ago

Man, this sux bigtime. First the gov. Wants to take our guns now ms?

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