Could This Country Muck Up Diablo III’s Worldwide Release?

Blizzard has dug a grave for itself by publicly committing to a simultaneous global, region-free launch for the first time in company history. Because every country will receive identical software, the Korean board’s decision is keeping the global game giant in chains.

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Frenza2452d ago

It's better than the usual "US gets the game 2 days before EU" bs.. That happens with almost every game.

wallis2452d ago

Yeah that sucks so much ass. I understand why in the old days of shipping but it makes no sense on steam where all they have to do is make an encryption key available. Sucks absolute balls because there's no way I'm sitting twiddling my thumb while some American gets to swing his sword in Albion or Skyrim or wherever just because his Dad decided to leave it in on the other side of the ocean.