Battlefield 3 – Incoming Buffs to Burst Fire Weapons, G3A3, and Bipod

MP1st - "We’ve recently heard of a number of things that are on the chopping block to be nerfed in Battlefield 3. Let’s take a look at some items that Lead Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, is thinking of improving in the near future, perhaps in the recently revealed February patch."

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Majin-vegeta2455d ago

They need to get rid of pressing x to stand back up when your revived by that thingamajig the medics use.

Mister_V2455d ago

Do you mean get rid of it completely or change the button? Cause we still gotta have the option, don't we?

DasTier2455d ago

No he means the fact that to accept the revive it forces you to stand up which is retarded when theres still bullets flying around. You should be able to accept the revive without having to stand up.

trenso12455d ago

There is so much nerfing going on in this game we might as well be throwing rocks.

Mister_V2455d ago

Battlefield 3: Prehistoric Warfare

DasTier2455d ago

Battle dinosaurs with stones and the power of fire!

Solid_Snake372455d ago

yeah, its gonna get to the point where if you throw your weapon its gonna do more damage than shooting it

BeaArthur2455d ago

It's not all nerfing, it's balancing. Somethings are nerfed, some things are buffed.

Criminal2455d ago

Well said. Multiplayer games have to be constantly fine tuned to find the right balance.

trenso12455d ago

Your right it is balancing but most of it comes from cry babies that complain more than they play the game. In stead of crying how you died from _____ gun x amount of times, how bout complain about lag and VOIP issues? People are complaining about all the wrong things. How about the community comes together to push a new game mode? I would love air superiority game mode

BeaArthur2455d ago

trenso1...agree 100%. For the most part this game is balanced pretty well. I feel that engineer v. vehicles still need a little work but other than stuff like spawn tweaking the game is damn good. It's always the little kids that think they're pros that ruin these games because they are way too good for someone to kick the crap out of them. So instead of manning up and accepting that someone beat them they run to the forums and complain about whatever gun was being used against them.

BraveToaster2455d ago

I think what you're trying to say is "Wahhh, I can't use overpowered BS anymore"

Kyosuke_Sanada2455d ago

The problem is that everyone ARE complaining about the lag and VOIP but they are being soundly ignored. It's great they are balancing the game, don't get me wrong (especially the dreaded FAMAS) but it looks like the only way the communication is going to be fixed is if they replace the gun sounds with voice chat so we have to shoot to talk to a nearby teammate....

Solid_Snake372455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

double post

Tonester9252455d ago

@SolidSnake Like the knives in COD

just_looken2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

na just add bayonets or a katanaor sword plus a shield so you can run around and stab everyone

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Kyosuke_Sanada2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

In my opinion the G3A3 is a beast of a weapon, it doesn't need any tweaks. What I would like to see is more infantry anti AT weaponry and the revival of the Tracer Gun because I haven't met any snipers that uses the SOFLAM Designator except my friends. However, any strategy we formulate is 90% gut feelings due to the choppy VOIP.......

leogets2455d ago

Dice must read all types of comments and think to themeselves. " what a bunch of whiney,snotty nosed,unapreciative bunch of halfwits. " they make the best mp experiance by far and still gett bitched at over stupid gun strengths. If I was dice id shut down all servers for 1 month to give u all something descent to moan about.

sovietsoldier2455d ago

bipod needs work other then just making a: input whatever key: to deploy. needs more freedom of deployment other then flat and even surfaces. i don't know how many times i had a great spot but could not deploy bipod due to the crappy mechanics. it also becomes a pain in the ass when you aim down sight and it deploys bipod.

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