GTA 5 realism essential

Jamie Pert at Product Reviews writes: Recently some sites have questions whether GTA 5 should feature Motionscan technology and whether the game could be too realistic, therefore we thought we would explain why GTA 5 needs realism and ask for your opinions on the matter.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

If GTA 5 took out realism it would be... Saints Row. So realism in GTA 5 is definitely essential.

But is motionscan technology essential for GTA 5 to have? I say no. It would be tough task to do anyway. How many people would they have to do it for? A lot.

The only way I see motionscan being used is if GTA 5 doesn't release until the next Xbox and PS4 comes out.

BattleTorn2237d ago

I think GTA V will be much more serious, just to avoid comparisons to like-genre titles (such as Saints' Row 3)

SR marketed with the silly-style, so GTA V will further instill itself as a serious game.

BiggsnWedge2237d ago

have you even played GTA SA? Most fun game I've played on the ps2

_Aarix_2236d ago

Yea...ps2 back in 2004-5

BiggsnWedge2236d ago

all I have to say is I refuse to play a game that focuses on realism. That's why GTA4 bored me to death.

RioKing2236d ago

^ Cool story bro. Tell it again.

AgentWD402237d ago

has always had a good balance between realism and fun and sont think that will change with 5

theseeder2237d ago

Yeah I agree, but console graphics have improved greatly since the release of GTA IV so our expectations are very high

OMEGAZONE2237d ago

I like the realism in GTA now, it gave GTAIV an incredible atmosphere, sometimes when i play GTAIV i just stand still in some places and just take in everything around me. Sometimes the game can look photorealistic, it's incredible for a game that came out in 2008.

Can't wait to see the cars and weapons.

tachy0n2237d ago

agree ^

specially the PC version with the ICEhancer graphics mod installed! :>

just_looken2237d ago

very true the city was so real to nyc they took out planes because of 911 look it up.

NYC_Gamer2237d ago

grand theft auto 5 needs that realism to distance it's self from saints row 3.and that is what i prefer anyway from R* to grow more mature story/gameplay wise.

sonicsidewinder2237d ago

Don't care for motionscan.

GTA will be more than fine without it, if not better.