Bugs And Glitches – How Much Is Too Much?

With countless gamers complaining about Skyrim’s glitches, and the feeling that companies are putting ‘unfinished products’ out onto the market, Mark Butler looks at the issue of bugs in games – and to what extent we should tolerate them.

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sonicsidewinder2390d ago

It's too much when it stops you from being able to enjoy then game.

spektical2390d ago

skyrim is unacceptable and just garbage on the ps3. its become a slideshow. no way this gets GOTY. There are other games with much better polish.

xPhearR3dx2390d ago

Too late. It's already won countless GOTY awards and they're all well deserved.

MsclMexican2390d ago

Well deserved?

What.... because there is "so much content"?

People like you are the reason Bethesda is able to get away with piss poor developing, and still walk away with game of the year awards...

Seriously... everytime Skyrim wins a GOTY my faith in gaming is lowered and lowered.

And if you are going to tell me, im just a hater..... I put 150 hrs on Skyrim in PS3.... and the game just makes me sick to the stomach knowing that this unplayable, broken game won over 87 GOTY's...

God Skyrim winning GOTY is gamers and the gaming presses greatest failiure of all time...

We can not keep supporting Bethesda because they never flipping learn!

xPhearR3dx2390d ago


So let me get this straight. A game you claim is "broken" and worst of all, "UNPLAYABLE", you've put a whopping 150 hours into?

Let me say that one more time. ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY HOURS. Over 5 days of NON-STOP playing time on an unplayable game? How is that possible?

My faith in gamers is lowered every time I hear someone claim a game is broken that they put 150 hours into.

Oh Skyrim so broken, screw you Bethesda, you get away with this because people defend you. OH BUT WAIT!! I'm not a hater, I played Skyrim 150 hours, even though it's completely broken and unplayable.


buttclown2389d ago

Haha. Who cares if it's broke on the PS3? Do you think GOTY people look at what system it's on or the game itself?

P.S. Game of the Year and the other awards are retarded, same with sales.

Pushagree2390d ago

I have skyrim on ps3 and im past 150 hours. All the "unplayable" articles are bs and it just shows how overly entitled gamers have become. Just disable all the autosaves except for travel and the framerate will be much better.

Also the markarth glitch is fixable. Sneak into markarth, sneak into the temple of talos, talk to the guards, say you were framed, kill the guards, wait 2 days, get arrested (no skill loss), glitch fixed.

spektical2390d ago

really? for me it lags every 30 seconds. its f**** annoying.. i have put 40+ hours, and put it down
until this mess is corrected.
ive been playing dark souls meanwhile

Reborn2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

How are they BS? Because you don't experience it, its BS?

Yeah, doing that is known to many already. It helps, but still doesn't explain how such an issue even got past testing. Its like in your face. Why should you have to deal with that?

And to do all that, is tedious. Shouldn't be the case, but like I said, some stuff would get overlooked, but the lagging/crashing, sorry. I'm stunned there.

PS: Experiences vary.

Pushagree2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I do experience glitches. The point is that they dont break the game and many are either fixable or you are able to curb them to some extent. Fast traveling multiple times will slow the framerate faster, only do it when you need to and when the framerate gets too bad (takes about 3 hours for me), reload the game and you will be good for another few hours.

The markarth glitch fix is not tedious if your sneak skill is moderately high. I did it at a skill level of 60. You just need to make sure you are unseen until you get to the temple of talos and initiate the conversation with the guard.

Also, the sanguine rose quest fixes the markarth glitch. I had already passed it by the time markarth glitched up on me though.

buttclown2389d ago

What's funny is people complain about these glitches and they should have been found in testing. You think testing this game was as easy to test as a linear game like Gears or Uncharted?

Unless you are a game programmer or a tester and know what you are talking about, why don't you just shut up since none of you know what you are talking about.

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Reborn2390d ago

For me, I did expect a few things to pop up. No doubt, its a huge game. However, when something such as the freezing/lagging with save files and other issues.

How did those issues not get noticed in testing, or was it just negligence?

Vortex3D2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

We can argue and reason all we want about the amount and types of bugs before it effects the gameplay or enjoyment. The fact is as long we keep giving the publishers our money first, we are telling the publishers that it's okay to ship the games with full of bugs.

There are plenty of reviews and forums discussion about games today. Just give it a few days after the new game comes out and we should have decent feel of the bugs. If we have to rush to pre-order and buy the new games on day 1, then too bad that the games turn out to be very buggy. You are the one who made the decision to give the publishers your money first before the product has been evaluated for the quality and bugs.

Amount of bugs in the game needs to be part of the overall game review rating. I know developers and publishers will hate reviews showing their game being buggy but that's the price of choosing to ship unpolished game. It doesn't matter if most of the bugs do get fixed after 6-12 months later because reviewers are mostly written when the game just came out and gamers who read the reviews need to know how buggy the game at the same time. If not, the reviews are being dishonest because the reviewers can say the game is good but the gamers who read the reviews have no idea that the game is also very buggy.

Since I stopped buying any game at release time in the last 3 years until I'm quite sure the game has been decently patched several months later, I found playing games are a lot more enjoyable without having a lot of nasty bugs are part of the gaming experience.

If not, publishers will continue to ship the games unpolished with a lot of bugs. Complain all you want because the publishers already got your money.

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