RAGE | Review [GXC]

GXC: "Bethesda Game Studios has been one of the critical darlings of the gaming industry, with landmark franchises such as Fallout and The Elder Scrolls under their belt.... Rage treads familiar territory with its combination of first-person shooter mechanics and RPG questing and exploration, and despite a few noticeable drawbacks, it has enough strengths to appeal to fans of both gameplay styles."

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OpenGL2415d ago

I purchased it when it was on sale for $15 on Steam a week or so ago and I was pleasantly surprised. It look pretty good and runs very well even on modest hardware and is definitely worth checking out on the PC, especially if it goes back on sale.

Play2Win2415d ago

Yes I never had any problems running it on my computer. I have a gtx 570 and this games looks amazing in 1080p.

gillri2415d ago

runs sublime on the 360, plays like a dream also

shame about the terrible story, 2d characters and a crappy endsing

SolidGear32415d ago

Got the Anarchy edition atlaunch for $64. Love it.