Kitase is wrong: Turn based RPGs made in Japan outsell their Action counterpart

It has pretty much been “common wisdom” for a couple of years now that in the HD era, Action RPGs sell better than their Turned Based counterparts. But by checking the data, it turns out that contrary to popular wisdom, Japanese TB-RPGs have sold better than Japanese A-RPGs this gen. The difference is not astounding: for every Tales of Vesperia, there is a Lost Odyssey and for every Last Rebellion, there is a Trinity Souls of Zill’Oll. But on average TB-RPGs sell between 1% and 88% better than A-RPGs.

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RedDead2512d ago

"But on average TB-RPGs sell between 1% and 88% better than A-RPGs"

That's not a very specific average lol

PshycoNinja2512d ago

That is a very wide margin of error. These guys obviously have never taken a statistics class. Action RPG's have done extremely well this gen. Look at the Kingdom Hearts games and you can see that. Kingdom Hearts is Square's second biggest franchise and it's an Action-RPG.

vuzuki2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Dragon Quest is Square-Enix real second biggest franchise, it is turn-based and it sells twice as much as Kingdom Hearts.

Also, there is no margin of error. Margin of error is only an issue when you are working on a sample. For example, if you try to know how millions of people will vote by asking 100 people, there is a margin error that results from your sampling method. But if I tell you that the average student of my statistical class is 21.2 years old, there is no margin of error as I have access to all the data I am analyzing.

RememberThe3572511d ago

The first thing you learn in statistics is to never trust statistics.

Lavalamp2512d ago

"Fifty percent of the time it works every time."

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iamtehpwn2512d ago

I like both. To be honest, I like when Final Fantasy very fast sometimes like X-2 and XIII, but I also like very traditional FFX. I also 12's, and the ATB system of 4-9. I think Final Fantasy does better when it changes up its formula BUT stays true to being Final Fantasy.

I think action combat in final Fantasy is fine. XII and XIII's battle systems played itself sometimes and that turned a lot of people off however.

Final Fantasy can be more action oriented but if it loses strategic elements thats when its a problem.

nolifeking2512d ago

I think that was the point. They(tb-rpgs) sell better anywhere from 1 to 88% better, which says they always tend to sell better.

nolifeking2512d ago

I had to disagree only because you don't have any and the point was so painfully obvious.

vuzuki2512d ago

Lol, yes, that's not very specific ! Read inside to understand how we can have several averages depending on how we do the math !

TacoTaru2511d ago

If you read the article the wide range in % comes from dropping dark/demon souls and ffxiii out of the counts. Maybe read before comment lol.

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tplarkin72512d ago

The "Action RPGs" in Japan are just turn based RPGs without a pause. They are really annoying.

Anti-Fanboyer2512d ago

So some blogger comes out to prove a sub-genre sells better than the other.

"No Mr. Final Fantasy producer, I know more than you- I has the numbers right here!"

vuzuki2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Actually other Final Fantasy producers disagree with him too (you can read Kitase's interview linked in the article) - just as most of the 1st production department disagreed with the way FF XIII was handled. Your comment is uniformed.

Also the "numbers" change constantly as every time another game comes out we have more data to understand which sub-genre sells better. So, yes, this particular Final Fantasy producer is wrong on this particular point.

5119ent2512d ago

has there been a turn base game this gen worth mentioning besides the one on xbox 360 by mist walker

Chrono2512d ago

There are many on them on DS and PSP, and they are good.

Megaman_nerd2512d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is turn based and it's probably the best JRPG this gen.

Hicken2511d ago

Most definitely. And one of my top 5 all-time.

5119ent2510d ago

that was acutally one of the shinning lights for games

Baba19062512d ago

i would love if final fantasy went back to a more traditional turn based battle system. i think does are much more strategic.

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