Mass Effect vs Dragon Age: why Shepard has the edge

OXM's Edwin explains why Mass Effect has attracted higher scores than Dragon Age, despite close similarities between the two franchises.

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Jam_sponge2453d ago

I think it's development time that makes the difference myself. Though I can see how the world design stuff makes it easier for MA.

Biggest2453d ago

It's more simple for me. Shepard has the edge because he is Shepard. Dragon Age has "The Mysterious Protagonist" going for them. I'll take real backstory over general customization any day.

Son_Lee2453d ago

As I prefer sci-fi over fantasy, I have to agree. I can't get into the Dragon Age series (and I do love fantasy), but I think the Mass Effect series is one of the best this gen, up there with the Uncharteds, Assassin's Creeds, and Dead Spaces.

MizTv2453d ago

da sucks balls me1 great me2 not so great

TopDudeMan2453d ago

I'm more of a traditional fantasy guy, but I definitely enjoy both of them.

Captain Qwark 92453d ago

prob becuase even though ME2 wasnt as good as ME1, it was still great.

DAO on the other hand i liked better than ME1 and ME2 but DA2 was a total pile of shit.

SolidGear32453d ago

DA II is the best fantasy RPG ever made and Mass Effect 2 is the best Sci-Fi RPG ever made. Period.

PandemicPrawn02453d ago

You need to play more games.

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The story is too old to be commented.