Silent Hill Downpour releasing March 6th

Rely On Horror: We finally have a release date! After an initial delay that pushed the game out of its early Winter release window, Silent Hill Downpour will now be arriving to stores on March 6th in North America.

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core_52508d ago

wow, two weeks later than in europe

PersonMan2508d ago

I like Silent Hill but I don't have good feelings about this one after Homecoming sucked hardcore.

Plus the fact that Downpour is using Unreal Engine is really disappointing. I hate Unreal Engine. Expect screen tearing and poor performance on the PS3 (and possibly on the 360 as well). I saw some early gameplay of this game and there's screen tearing everywhere.

jeeves862508d ago

*looks at name* PersonMan, PersonMan, hit on the head with a frying pan, lives his life in a garbage can, PersonMan..."


That might have been why the game was delayed, to help eliminate that. So long as it doesn't have some of the horrible glitches that Homecoming had, I think I'll be happy.

PersonMan2508d ago

You're the second person who has commented on my use of a TMBG song in my user name. Haha!

I probably should've went with TriangleMan though because the PS3 controller has a triangle on it.

maniacmayhem2508d ago

I actually enjoyed Homecoming. Here's hoping Downpour will be good also.

LNDCalling2508d ago

I hope this brings the Silent Hill franchise back on track though I think its hard to re-create that first time you play a game.

I still remember the first time I played Silent Hill on PS1 with 'beating' controller.. its was something else entirely back in the day!...

NYC_Gamer2508d ago

the original team is gone so doubt it'll be the same franchise you enjoyed on ps1

ZombieAssassin2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Yep pretty sure the original lead designer for SH went to Sony Japan and made Siren Blood Curse, pretty sure he's working on Gravity Daze right now.

LNDCalling2507d ago

All they need are good devs and to really be fans of the franchise and anything is possible!..

The above said, I don't think I expect it to bring back them old feelings but I'm not sure that would even be possible with or without the original team!

Change has to happen its just whether its of the good or bad variety thats in question..

BuLLDoG9092508d ago

homecoming sucked, hope this is better..

either way, bring it. not enough survival horror games these days.

i hope they nail the atmosphere and creepy vibe from the originals this time.,

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