TheSixthAxis Game of the Year 2011: Xbox 360 Exclusives

Want to know what TheSixthAxis as the best 2011 title on the Xbox 360? Well fear not, for the award is here.

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NukaCola2535d ago

Figured this was a given. The game was really good.

Secondly, this can't be the whole esclusive year here? 5 titles and two are kinect games(also one is a port from the iOS). The comments in the article mention a couple other titles, but they all are Kinect-only. I would personally not want 2012 to be Halo 4 and 50 Kinect titles. Doesn't seem fair at all to the fans.

Jake_the_Dog2535d ago

Whoever disagrees must love their Kinect so much that they don't even care about real games.

from the beach2535d ago

I'm guessing it's a top five.

The idea that motion control games aren't 'real games' is comical.

_LarZen_2535d ago

Havent even bothered to finish Gears3...I took a testosterone shoot to the knee.

vikingland12535d ago

Slim pickings but I agree with their picks.