Thoughts On Vita, And The Media Perception

TheSixthAxis: "Oh, how quickly we forget. When the Nintendo 3DS launched to a lacklustre line-up and a price point that dropped faster than anyone could have expected, the portable console was doomed. Dead in the water. Kaput. Or, at least, that’s how the media would have had you believe, a media that seemingly only reports in binary – something’s either amazing or terrible, the next big thing or a complete bomb."

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tiffac0082454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

From the article:
"I’m happy to suggest that the best thing the media can do is wait for the much more balanced European and US launches before writing this one off, and perhaps, you know, give it more than two weeks."

A lot of us wish they would.

MasterCornholio2453d ago

Yeah i agree as well. Seems kind of pathetic that after 2 weeks of sales a ton of Doom articles about the Vita show up. I have a feeling that the Vita will do much better in the west due to its western oriented lineup.

tarbis2454d ago

Good article. Glad to see the writer hit some of points that contributed to PSV's 2nd low sell rate and is not writing the PSV off based from that.
And he's right about the titles, it was geared more for the western market instead of Japanese. Unlike me who both plays english and japanese games and could care less whichever side it is for. The launch line-up is incredible.
I know the memory card prices is a downside but wait for 3rd party mmc manufacturers like Sandisk, we'll sure to get cheaper mmc in a few months after the PSV launched in the west.

remanutd552453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

gaming journalism is a joke nowadays , i'd rather trust a fellow gamer advise than one of those paid clowns

GodHandDee2453d ago

media seems to forget the past real fast, especially when it comes to hit seeking articles