Latest Spore Info - "it may well change the fate of humanity"

Gameplayer has gone live with all the latest info the upcoming blockbuster from genius developer Will Wright, Spore.

"The Space Phase is where this game turns very sharply away from being a "game", and becomes a sandbox "software toy". Explore other planets, influence other species, and generally have fun interacting with this entire universe of half a million stars."

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gamesR4fun3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Im hyped on this game looks very promising but nothing new in this article...

riksweeney3658d ago

Spore's taking so long to come out I'm surprised no one else hasn't beaten them to it.

GlossGreen3658d ago

So many things can go wrong with this game. The idea is fascinating but will it actually pan out? I hope it does, we all need some new innovation to the standard genres.

wiizy3658d ago

it comes out for the wii first....cause the wii works well with the innovation in spore..all that matters to me

ShinFuYux3658d ago

Does that mean it's also coming for ps3?