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Submitted by kerwin2005 2912d ago | news

Should Call Of Duty 5 be In World War 2 ?

Well it's been a long trip, as they look back at all the Call of Duty games. So far the only Call of Duty game that has changed the look of the Call of Duty franchise is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and to tell you the truth they think it's a dumb idea for Call of Duty 5 to be in World War 2... (Call of Duty: World at War, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)
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gamesblow  +   2912d ago
No, I'm sick of WW2... how about the Korean or even better... Vietnam? There's a new idea "rolls eyes" I cannot believe more people don't wanna delve into it. Maybe cause... "looks around" America got their asses kicked. Just a thought, though.
Danja  +   2912d ago
I agree im sick of WW2 games....COD2 was good and that's where the WW2 theme for the series should have ended...COD4 was a step in the right direction for the series why take two steps back..?
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toughNAME  +   2912d ago
lol have a bubble man
game-over  +   2912d ago
America got their ass kicked??
Dear Mr.Historian,

America pulled out because of the political climate, a presidential election was coming up and the war was not popular back home. During Vietnam, for every American that died, over 25 charlies bit the dirt!
CurlUpAndDie  +   2912d ago
yeah, no more WW2 games. I was thinking like a future game like battlefield 2142 style. But of coarse with different everything.
kerwin2005  +   2912d ago
yep that's right we need a next war no more ww2 games
smirx  +   2912d ago
What if they made it "Timecop" style?
Remember that movie Timecop with Van Damme? What if you were a soldier from the future, and you were sent to different wars and battles thruought history to complete objectives? Sweet. Just don't make Van Damme the main character...
kerwin2005  +   2912d ago
let's approve on this story to share it with the n4g family.
GCO Gamer  +   2912d ago
Yea no more WWII games
the worst  +   2912d ago
Shaka2K6  +   2912d ago
Should Call of duty 5 be in world war 2?
Bah, but it should be PS3 exclusive so its not so short like all xbug 360 games.
ChickeyCantor  +   2912d ago
yes and a game like heavenly swords is amazingly long.
all consoles have short games and trust me PS3 and 360 will have more games that are going to be short( not saying all are, but its logical with all the production costs/time)
waldopepper  +   2912d ago
That's weird. I could have sworn that I've played over 150 hours of Oblivion but you're probably right - you seem pretty clever.
KeiZka  +   2912d ago
And Oblivion hasn't received any dowloadable content at all ;P Nah, it's a game where you can waste hours literally. Good game at that.
waldopepper  +   2912d ago
Yup it has, but I haven't downloaded any of the extra missions etc. 150 hours from the main game!
Nevers  +   2912d ago
if CoD4 is too short for you
quit pussin' and play on Veteran noob.
kerwin2005  +   2912d ago
no that is wrong call of duty is each plaform king of game
ChickeyCantor  +   2912d ago
its pretty much done in any form, past(WW2 games), urban(COD4), future(Unreal/battlefield 2024? 2024 right?..cant really remember)

so they should take a totally different concept...
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ps3FTW  +   2912d ago
They should do the future or something.
R M Spender  +   2912d ago
not news
this is not interresting. if its in ww2 or ww8 its still gonna be crap. wait for 6, you ps3 girls are good at waiting. find somthing better.
SuicidalTendencies  +   2912d ago
Here's an idea. How about they stop milking the damn franchise and make another game? Are they going to release a Call of Duty game every year? Is this franchise turning into Madden or(insert sports game here)?
smirx  +   2912d ago
Call Of Duty 5: Modern Welfare
You're a distressed Case Worker at the local Welfare Department. Suddenly you decide to take out your aggression! You pull the files of everyone on Welfare and systematically hunt them down at their home and snuff them with m16's and ak47's.
Hatchetforce  +   2912d ago
WWII still has a lot of yardage left in it. However, BIA is enroute and there are several other prominent wars with untapped material. Korea for one. Second, Vietnam has never been properly handled although the PC (not the console version) of Viet Cong made an admirable attempt.

If they are going to do WWII at least get us away from Normandy. What about the raids into Norway? OSS operations in Greece infiltrating by submarine? What about Burma and the Phillipines?

The issue with COD is except for the moments of combat, which are non stop - that isn't always good - there isn't much other meat to the game. This is where BIA ranks head and shoulders above COD.
Zhuk  +   2912d ago
It would be great if they did other conflicts, Vietnam, Korea or other Cold War flashpoints.

What would really be revolutionary is if they did a good WWI fps, or even do a sci-fi one!
Killjoy3000  +   2912d ago
hey zhuk you do know that the cold war isnt a real war right?
Bladestar  +   2912d ago
No... end of discusion... why even ask this question... freaken double tripple duhh!
Panthers  +   2912d ago
I dont care if it isnt being made by IW. I wont be getting it. I will wait for the next GOOD CoD game.
KidMakeshift  +   2912d ago
Call of Duty 5 should be set during the Civil War, but w/dinosaurs that shoot lasers, and amazon space woman from mars who also shoot lasers... from their NIPPLES!

Space Allah be praised
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n00dl3s  +   2912d ago
This is why I like the Battlefield games more. The different time perioids. The WW2 thing is annoying. I guess people are still interested in it because they keep buying it. I guess there's only 3 time periods to use though... ww2, current time, and imaginary future time. Screw realistic games. UT3 ftw. lol
mighty_douche  +   2912d ago
not unless i can take a M4 and P90 back with me....

personally id like to see a "slight future" warfar.
The Wood  +   2912d ago
Rama26285  +   2912d ago
Put simply - NO
ta1snake  +   2912d ago
How about World War I. It will be great.
Elite-uk  +   2912d ago
A thought!.
Call of duty 5 will suck if its set in ww2, hell it will suck anyway cos treyarch are hump!. Infinity ward should stick with the modern warfare theme, they should create a new francise from it, sumthing to compete with the battlefield/frontlines francise!.
Strife Lives  +   2912d ago
Call of duty 2
Was the 1st game I played on 360..seemed ok but the staged aspects in the game made it seem retarded. Cod4 was the same,except, more enjoyable. I think they should make cod5 like cod4 except with vehicles like halo, not the warthog lol but hummers ,tanks. But just let the world war theme die already ! ! And yup,like someone mentioned, vietnam.
BlackCountryBob  +   2912d ago
There is no big issue with it being WW2 in my book but a slight change of scene would be nice because I am a bit bored of Normandy and DDay stuff, how about the campaign in Burma, north Africa and Algeria or do he entire game as a Russian soldier in Stalingrad.

The time frame is fine but it needs is a change of location.
Monteblanco  +   2912d ago
I am a WWII gaming fan, so I'll love to see the series back in its roots. However, I would go for another war, such as Korea or Vietnam. But please, imaginary scenarios such as seen in COD4, that's not my cup of tea.
The Wood  +   2912d ago
leave WWII alone. There were other wars if it has to be based of real events. I prefer cod4 because its fictional but done very well plus it wasn't constrained by 'facts'
FCOLitsjustagame  +   2912d ago
As long as its a great game and doesnt make any too obvious "political commentary" then I will buy it no matter what era its in. However, that said I was quite impressed with COD4 and the weapons you got to use so I would love to see a follow up on this. But then I guess I got the Tom Clancy games for that... but then COD is a bit different then those games.... ah its a tough choice just make an excellent game and I will buy it.
Noodlecup  +   2912d ago
This is why I only play PC online...
Console gamers just play their online titles until the next game is released, there are more people playing counterstrike 1.6 (almost a decade old) than there are playing Gears of War and Halo 3. Why should you care where the game is set? you're only going to play it for a few months.
Judge Mental  +   2912d ago
Man, get a life...

I played HL1, TFC, then CS since early beta. Was addicted, utterly mastered game, got bored and angry when every single server was de_dust2. I never thought I would get bored of it, but I have and will never play seriously again. Enjoy your 10 year old game.
THC CELL  +   2912d ago
they should go into future war now like ghost recon
Havince  +   2912d ago
erm no
you should also be asking is Treyarch (or whoever the developer was) should be doing it.

They made COD3 worse and they will make COD5 worse aswell/
devilhunterx  +   2912d ago
How about ...
The Console war?

Which ever the console the game is on, gets to be the "good" guys.

Like, on the PS3 version, PS3 "soliders" are the good guys, and xbox2 "bots" are the evil boring drones repeating corporate BS e.g. not needed, not needed.

The Wii can play as the "girl to be rescued" just like Princess Peach always needs rescuing
NightVyper  +   2912d ago
cheap thrills
thats great! i will risk a bubble on the laugh.
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