G4TV: Silent Hill: Downpour Hands-On Preview -- When It Rains, It Pours...Evil

G4TV: There's no question that Silent Hill is among the most influential horror series of all time. The creeped-out atmosphere of the demon-haunted town has burrowed into the consciousness of just about everyone who played any of the games, and the franchise’s languid pace and focus on slow-creep as opposed to quick shocks has influenced many a horror game over the last decade.

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rmedtx2414d ago

It doesn't sound like Silent Hill at all to me. I really hope it's good; Silent Hill is one of my favorite game franchises of all time.

mantisimo2414d ago

It isn't really a silent hill game of old it's got breakable weapons for a start, whoopee. /s

Even Devlin doesn't look at all convinced about his game, In fact he looks scared, not about the games chilling environments but that he's sitting on a turkey.

This is no Silent Hill why call it that?

And as a Ps3 player I'm even more worried that they are always showing 360 footage, oh oh. (no offence 360ers but if a game is always shown on xbox then as a Ps3 port it will probably suck a$$).

Cra*, Silent Hill should finally be left to die. Even the Nightmare on Elm street franchise knew when it really couldn't get away with churning out any more crud.

James and Heather will be turning in their graves.

Kyosuke_Sanada2414d ago

Don't forget Harry Mason XD......

mantisimo2414d ago

@ Kyo Harry Mason Lives! ;)

HarryMasonHerpderp2414d ago

Makes me sad watching my favourite franchise being turned
into absolute s***
played the demo at eurogamer and it was so so terrible.

Tdmd2414d ago

I'm NOT a silent hill fan. Never was. And as such, I'm not able to see what fans of the series are complaining about. The game seems awesome to me - atmosfere, suspense, horror, breakable weapons, limit inventary, nice graphics... whats so wrong with it anyway? Its an honest question, not an critcism.