Revengeance is Not a Word

Critical Gamer's Matt M writes: Raiden has always been a controversial character. His debut performance in Metal Gear Solid 2 was at the expense of a protagonist, Solid Snake, who was well loved by gamers. With his flowing, golden locks, androgynous appearance and a sneaking suit that hugged his buttocks far too tightly, Raiden was the antithesis of the chain smoking, rugged and gravel voiced hero that we were pining for.

Reaction to Raiden’s surprise inclusion was overwhelmingly negative and alongside a narrative that was at times incomprehensible, he helped sour many on what was still an excellent game. Even Kojima Productions couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mock Raiden, parodying him in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater with Raikov, a Russian major, to whom he bore a strong resemblance and who happened to be Colonel Volgin’s secret lover. MGS4 was kinder to Raiden, as he appeared in a cybernetic exoskeleton and wielded a katana that cut through steel; he became a cyborg bad-ass that was the polar opposite of his original incarnation.

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Stuart57562512d ago

Correct it isn't, in fact it sounds like something a dumb kid would dream up and thick is genius.

Nate-Dog2512d ago

Don't forget "transfarring".

crxss2512d ago

there are plenty of video games that aren't real words...

Diver2512d ago

"revengeance is not a word."

and rising is not a metal gear game.


Diver2512d ago

"revengeance is not a word."

and rising is not a metal gear game.


just saw sikbetas comment below. damn straight

Plasticgearsolid2512d ago

Yeah I heard someone say that this word play with combinding words is common in Japanese language but in English is comes off as a bit strange, kind of funny, I'm just glad that they took of solid because this isn't a true solid it's a spin off

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Paragon2512d ago

I think we all know 'Revengeance' isn't a word. Along with 'Transfarring'... And I'm sure everyone remembers that meme about riking stuff.

Baka-akaB2512d ago

Who said it was and had to be ?

MWH2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

sane and intellectual people prefer things that make common sense, words included for proper expressing of thoughts and feelings. not making any sense is mostly, senseless.

dark-hollow2512d ago

"sane and intellectual people prefer things that make common sense"

nothing from that trailer made sense.

Laxman2512d ago

"sane and intellectual people prefer things that make common sense"

You've never played a Metal Gear game have you :p

Hicken2512d ago

Sane and intellectual people create new words all the time, as they discover or create new things and have no words for them. As a sci-fi and fantasy writer, I create new words on a regular basis; am I neither sane nor intellectual because of this?

Common sense isn't common, by the way, but relative, dependent upon cultural, religious and economic forces. What you call common sense doesn't necessarily mesh with what I consider to be the same, or with someone living in Tibet, the Netherlands, or Chile. Common sense for a Catholic is not the same for a Jew, and rich people don't follow the same "logic" as poor people.

Next time, use some of that "common" sense you seem to value so highly before you comment.

Convas2512d ago

Are the sane and intellectual people the ones who came up with the names on my periodic table?

MrBeatdown2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Sane and intellectual people like their games about vampires who run on water and up buildings, giant killer robots, the ability to control entire armies with hand gestures, cyborg robot ninjas, a man that shoots bees, moving snake tattoos, clone armies, floating psychic skinny guys who can move controllers and read memory cards, self-aware surgically transplanted arms, a woman who has been turned into a sophisticated wolf robot, and enormous AI-controlled underwater military robot fortresses to have names that make sense.

Anything less would just be stupid.

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Baka-akaB2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

sane people knows it's tongue in cheek , and actually have a modicum of sense . Some of the people complaining turn their brain off too for far more aggravating things in games

Tony P2512d ago

I don't like it cos it sounds campy and silly.

And MGS overall doesn't present itself that as a campy, silly franchise.

Baka-akaB2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

To each their own . Not claiming you're wrong but when a game presents you stuff like The Patriots, also known as the La-li-lu-le-lo , with a straight face , its kinda the epitomy of camp and silly , among many other things like a whole history of made up silly words .

Doesnt mean it's not awesomely done and that the story doesnt have mostly epic and serious parts , but still ...

Foxgod2512d ago

300 years ago the vocabulary of many languages was much smaller then it is now.
Whenever someone comes up with a meaning that has no word to it yet, he/she is free to come up with a new word for it.

Thats how languages where born.
Considering that Revengeance actually does have a meaning in this game, it might as well be a new word.

roadkillers2512d ago

Have you ever wondered how some words came to be and how awkward it must have been?

Guy: Can I play with your boobs?

Girl: What the hells a boob?

roadkillers2512d ago

This is probably the funniest title I've read on N4G.

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