Looking Back at The Year of Zelda

Back at the conclusion to 2010 many a Zelda fan was mourning for the ultimately Zelda-less year. Besides the reveal of Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3D at E3, all fans had was the lingering effect of Spirit Tracks from 2009. 2010 was empty for the Hylian-otaku, but the year did promise big for 2011, leading many to herald the coming year as "The Year of Zelda".

Now we're in 2012, with The Year of Zelda behind us. We expected lots for the 25th Anniversary Year of Zelda, but in the end, we never expected to get quite as much as we did. The first five months of the year were just as barren as 2010 for the otaku, apart from Iwata teasing the logo for the 25th Anniversary at GDC. However at E3 all of that would change, making these past seven months the best in the franchise's storied lifetime, and marking 2011 truly as the year of Zelda.

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mike1up2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Nice read.

Nintendo really went all out for the 25th anniversary. It wouldn't surprise me if the Legend of Zelda series made it to it's 50th. It's just that good. As a fan, I am more hooked now than ever.