Hideo Kojima: Gamers are happy with what they have

Eurogamer: Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has expressed his concern at the current state of the global games industry - and Japan's place within it.
The legendary Japanese developer believes only a handful of games are big enough to sell big numbers, and the plethora of sequels and spate of first-person shooters are the result of consumer demand...

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SpecialK2507d ago

The problem is when games are so expensive these days most people are only going to buy a game full price if they know for sure they will enjoy it.

That means that games that get good coverage and good scores are more likely to sell, and those games are often those with giant budgets and only get those budgets if its a proven franchise, like call of duty.

Most of the games I've bought this generation didnt score below 8/10, and most of those were AAA.

Its only now Im going back to older games which I thought of getting, but didnt want to risk £40, as now they can be had for under £10. Obviously that doesnt help the devs much but thats the way it is.

If you want a new ip to sell (and it does happen) then put in some money, make it to high standards and market it. Sometimes exclusivity deals have helped new starters as they've then gotten extra marketing for it.

Little big planet springs to mind there. A game that different couldn't have succeeded so easily with the heavy marketing put in by sony.