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Destructoid - As 2011 closed out it only seemed fitting that the gaming community was, once again, presented with the chance to take a shotgun to the head of its most overused mascot, the zombie. I mean, it was only last week when the last zombie themed video game, let alone a zombie themed twin-stick shooter came out, right? Well regardless of how long it actually has been, if there are two things the video game world has seen enough of over the past few years, it's zombies and twin-stick shooters.

All Zombies Must Die is the amalgamation of these two worn gaming clichés. A premise and playstyle that many idle thumbs with a hankering for decimating the deceased can already find festering in the market. Be that as it may though, the team at doublesix has a few tricks up their sleeves for helping their cooperative entry survive its genre's own apocalypse.

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SleazyChimp2536d ago

This game is pretty cool aside from the lack of online coop. What really adds to this negative is the fact that the game is next to impossible on single player. The zombies seem to level up with you, making some of the later levels really difficult for even 2 player. 4 player really helps curb the difficulty, but that is marred by the fact that everyone has to stay on the same screen. Its very easy for one player to get stuck on a car or pole, while the rest of the players are trying to move on. This causes everyone to have to back track to get the player unstuck. All the while zombies are spawning in faster than the four of you can kill them.