Play:Digital's Top 7 Flash Games

Play:Digital runs down the top seven flash games, perfect for wiling away those dull work hours.

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ps3FTW3730d ago

damn only if i knew flow was a flash game i would never wasted any money on that game oh well..

Cat3730d ago

lol, I think the version off psn is more fun than the flash game. though it still made me feel like I was trapped in an elevator watching enya teach a science class.

KidMakeshift3730d ago

Hey, Enya taught me everything I know. Me smrt nowl

KidMakeshift3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

What about the Japanese slapping game "Rose & Camellia"

I'm still waiting for the "2 girls 1 cup" flash game
I already nominate it "game of the century"

eddierivera3729d ago

i wish she would flash me.

eddierivera3729d ago

i wish she would flash me