EDGE - 2011 round-up: PlayStation

EDGE - The year ended well with Vita's release, but Sony's 2011 was defined by the PS3 and PSN hacks.

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OcelotRigz2450d ago

Yeah, just focus on the hack and not the all the great games it released. Hell don't even mention them, just make a big post about the hack and how it "Defined" the PS3s year.
Oh and Vita.

InTheLab2450d ago

Didn't mention a single PS3 game /facepalm.

When I look back at 2011, I wont be looking at 3 weeks of no PSN. I'll be looking at the pile of games Sony dropped on me and how much fun I had with the console. The online didn't work but it still played games, Netflix, and even the browser still worked. 2011 was a fantastic year for all gamers, but it was a better year for PS3 gamers despite 3 weeks of missing online.

Also....I thought the whole "trading PS3 for Xbox over hacks" was a bit unfounded. There's little evidence that supports this theory of huge amounts PS3 gamers leaving due to the hacks. I'm guessing the "hardcore" gamers that left because they couldn't play online were most likely the CoD crowd, and to be blunt, those people won't be missed.