EDGE - 2011 round-up: free-to-play

EDGE - Zynga's success and Team Fortress 2's switch prompted an industry-wide shift to freemium in 2011, but has it paid off?

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Huwmor2416d ago

Interesting but f2p clearly can't suit every game. Also, my god, why do so many play farmville? It hurts my soul:P /jk

Also, why can't more (I'm not naive enough to expect all) gaming journalism be to this standard.
You know, with non-trolling headlines and actual FACTS/references. But this article will get depressingly little heat/views because it encourages no flame wars.
I'd say I'll be the only person to even leave a comment, you just wait and see singular person reading,your name starts with a J am pretty sure and I know where you live