No Doubt, Get Loud: The 10 Greatest Rhythm Games of All Time

And coming in at number one? Rock Band. Via Gametap:

"Though it's a relatively new genre, rhythm gaming already has a rich, deep history, filled with all different types of play styles, subgenres, and labels. So which ones are the cream of the crop? We've compiled our list, keeping the focus on games where a strict, rhythmic play style was enforced, and eliminating titles heavily influenced by music such as Rez, Lumines, or Everyday Shooter. The criteria would place a strong emphasis on music, quality of play, features and longevity. We also took into account opinions from the minds behind some of the most influential sites within the rhythm gaming community, all of whom are just as fanatical about these titles as we are. You may not recognize all 10 games here, but if you've cut your teeth on the chords of Guitar Hero and are hungry for more, each and every one of these demands your attention."

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dhammalama3814d ago

I really liked that one on the ps2

KidMakeshift3814d ago

Elite Beat Agents was horrible. The original japanese games are fantastic though

No love for Taiko Drum Master (not the awful american version), Amplitude, DJ Max Portable (better than Beatmania), Guitaroo Man, Guitar Freaks/Drum Mania

Adamalicious3814d ago

I liked EBA, I just thought the difficulty ramp-up needed some work. There are only two difficulties. The easier being ridiculously easy and the more difficult being nearly impossible to beat. That's japanese games for you I guess. Personally I don't enjoy spending 90% of my time with a game trying to beat the final "boss".

KidMakeshift3813d ago

EBA felt like it was made for teenage girls. The track list (Avril Lavigne, Ashley Simpson, Madonna, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Cher) is just plain bad, and level scenario's weren't interesting. Everything that made the Japanese games great was disregarded. The same goes for the american version of Taiko Drum Master.

Ikanago3814d ago

That game (arguably) launched the rhythm game genre on the home console so I would have included it in a top spot.

Also, there's Gitaroo Man, Samba de Amigo, Rez, and Many MORE.

season0073814d ago

no offense but i believe more than a couple years ago there were already drum+guitar with the japanese arcade...and hey the japanese drum was in superior quality provided it was produced like more than 6 years ago....