VVVVVV Review [Nintendo Enthusiast]

Last week I told you that if you didn’t have money, you should skip Mighty Switch Force and wait for VVVVVV instead. Well, I’m never proud of saying such things (and WayForward more than deserve your money), but honestly, VVVVVV is worth having that kind of attitude. VVVVVV is one of the best indie games you can find in the platforming and exploration genres, easily on par with other popular indie titles like Knytt Stories and even Pixel’s fantastic Cave Story.

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Menashe2539d ago

It's all about the gameplay and it rocks! So glad they brought it to the 3DS.

EvilTwin2538d ago

Great review, majico.

You're probably going to end up making me buy a 3DS. I want this...