GamerNode: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Review

Associate Editor Jason Fanelli reviews Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection, out now for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

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italianbreadman2414d ago

I never played a portable MGS game. This review makes me want the game just for Peace Walker.

amlabella2414d ago

I also want to play Peace Walker, good to hear it transitioned well onto the PS3.

xPhearR3dx2414d ago

FYI They reviewed the 360 version.

I have a copy myself, and if the PS3 version is anything like it is on 360 (Which I'm sure it is), it's definitely worth it. Well worth the $50. You can actually find it for around $30-40 right now.

soundslike2414d ago

this is definitely a buy for anyone interested

the only hangup I'm having is the peacewalker MP is really unstable

italianbreadman2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Still, though, if it gets me to finally play the game at all on a platform I'm comfortable with - 360 OR PS3 - it's a winner. =-D