EA Battlefield Devs Depart for Ngmoco

A trio of developers at Stockholm studio EA DICE have quit to join nearby outfit Ngmoco Sweden.

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ZombieAssassin2513d ago

Dang, what's with all these people leaving for social gaming...I mean I know why they most likely are hoping to be the next big thing and make billions but still.

fei-hung2513d ago

These things worry me. What if social gaming starts making companies more money with less risk and all console developers are forced to make more social games as supposed to AAA titles?!

Solid_Snake372513d ago

It would for surely cause another gaming crash like '83

aaaaaaaaa2513d ago

I don't think its all about social gaming because its not just single peoples leaving this publisher, its even full development teams that are running away from EA

Oldman1002513d ago

They were probably tired of making patches for battlefield 3 that don't fix any actual issues.

Hufandpuf2513d ago

haha, tell that to the guys playing BF3 on PC/xbox 360 and even BF2.

Cosmit2513d ago

Nah. PS3 users are getting F'ed over with input lag and VOIP.

Pandamobile2513d ago

Or they were offered higher level positions.

ATi_Elite2513d ago

I'm sure they were offered more money and more freedom to create something new!!

being apart of DICE/EA meant Battlefield, Mirrors Edge, and helping other Devs work on the Frostbite 2.

I'm sure these Devs want to do something else just like how Bungie was tired of Halo!!

pandehz2513d ago

Hope better ppl take their positions.

Im sure a lot of talented ppl want to fill those gaps.