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aviator1892508d ago

Just a little while longer and this epic trilogy will be complete. :)

crxss2508d ago

wow these graphics are turnin out well! looks like they're polishing the game up right now. hope there's the new trailer soon. ~2 months!

manwo2508d ago

The trailers have been released but still in pending. anyway, you'll be able to watch it from

crxss2508d ago

i remember Garrus's face being all healed up in the earlier builds of ME3 but in one of these screenshots it looks all effed up again from ME2 haha.

Kyosuke_Sanada2508d ago

And not one of them reveals a female krogan..... :(

Chnswdchldrn2508d ago

it honestly looks identical to Mass effect 2...thought at least theyd improve the visuals a little bit

rattletop2508d ago

i always hated human NPCs in mass effect because most of them look like dolls. but the aliens are extremely well done. especially krogans and vorcha