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crxss2270d ago

looks good! anyone else see a Saren lookalike drone or something @:43 and @:49?

strange19862269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Yup, probably just an indoctrinated/huskified Turian. Can't wait!!

SITH2269d ago

Of all the games with preorder bonuses, only mass effect and deus ex revolutions had worthy weapons and gadgets that I used from start to finish.

strange19862269d ago

That automatic unlocking device saved my ass on numerous occasions.

GuruStarr782269d ago

Sorry Bioware, but I'll still wait a few weeks or just Gamefly ME 3.

ME2 dropped half in price about 3 weeks after it came out and down to 19.99 a little more than a month after it came out.

I'd be willing to bet ME 3 follows the same pattern.