Options for Pre-Ordering the Vita

Looks like there are a few decent pre-order bonuses for the Vita. Target has free shipping, a giftcard, and a $10 off code that can be used. There is also the Playstation Vita First Edition bundle which Amazon has. Gamers will get the system early and a few other bonuses for a little higher cost. Goozernation has the full details on the pre-orders for the Vita.

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Razongunz2420d ago

here in europe i'm going for the pre order option where i get a free pre order bonus with my vita..the blue box with earplugs, some discount on super stardust delta and some PSHOME vita pre order exlusives.

Chaostar2419d ago

Could you link me that offer please?

Razongunz2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

well i don't really know where this deal is in other countries..but i know that only europe got this blue box, here in norway where i live this is where i'm geting mine: its in norwegian so if you want to look at it i suggest google translate lol, other than that..this is just a wild guess but i think meybe GAME got this deal in UK..and yeah i guess u just have to look.. i don't know where every single country sells this deal xD

EDIT gamestop UK also gives out this blue box.

rezzah2419d ago

Already got the First Edition bundle, had gift card that took off a good amount.

dc12419d ago

I'm holding out for a wifi bundle.....but will breakdown and pr-order the standard wifi if the bundle does not present it self within the next week.

rezzah2419d ago

The canadian bundle is Wifi.

Why not get one on

Allen462419d ago

gamestop uk doing the 3G model for £245 with the pre order pack it doesn't say anything about the pre order pack on the site but i emailed them and they said that any pre orders would receive the pack.