PS Vita Memory Cards Now Available On Amazon

The PS Vita and many of its games have been available on Amazon for quite some time now. Amazon customers have been getting anxious for the vital memory cards. At long last, they are available. And, they are the lowest price around to boot.

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PieMonster2539d ago

I'm still not going to get one.

solidsnake2222539d ago

Then you are either not buying a vita or waiting for a bigger card, right? Can't see any other reason to hold off, $20 for a 4GB card sounds fair to me.

smashcrashbash2539d ago

Then you shouldn't speak, because you are obviously not buying a VITA.

Hozi2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Not a bad price at all for $19.99 and free shipping...I remember when I first bought a mem. card for my original psp. it cost $30 and it was only 256MB.

s45gr322539d ago

Amazon to the rescue I guess.

GraveLord2539d ago

The 4gig card is actually $20 everywhere.

ReservoirDog3162539d ago

No tax though.

Save about $2 compared to everywhere else.

nikrel2539d ago

I'm waiting till BlackFriday 2012, everything drops in price. Deals will be there. We as consumers benefit.

BluEx6102539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

No offense but get a job, $20 for a memory card is not much. And for $249 I'm getting Vita day one. If waiting 9 more months just to save about $50 sounds fair to you then go for it. Go on and etc... they have great deals all year round, some beating Black Friday deals. $30 for the 8 GB seems like the best deal.

nikrel2539d ago

Get a job? By all means throw your money away whenever you feel.

Unlike yourself I have grown up and am able to use what adults call " Patience ". If you knew anything about " Patience " then you would realize the benefit of it in situations where a new piece of hardware comes out, there are things that need to be fleshed out.

Features, Bugs, Prices, Variety in Choice for games.

It's time to grow up & in the process you might save a few bucks too.

death2smoochie2539d ago

LOL Get a Job comment...Typical ignorant response.

Ask yourself why the Vita like the 3DS at launch sold poorly once EARLY Adopters bought the system?
Because THOSE consumers...and some of them GEE have jobs, do not fathom forking out $250 for what many deem as a TOY just for gaming at this point. This does not even include a game with the system OR Memory card.
I hate when people especially on this site make comments "Get a Job"

BluEx6102539d ago

K I didn't mean to offend you guys so much. I'm just saying that for $249 plus $30 for Memory, it's still way cheaper than my iPad 2, and I'll use it way more than I use my iPad 2. So how is that throwing my money away?? I do blow my money on a lot of things, but I doubt this will count as me throwing my money away on PS Vita.

And no I don't have patience for Vita, I'm hyped for it. Have fun waiting 9 months while I'll be playing my Vita, there's also something called updates to fix bugs and add features ETC... There's plenty of variety of games already out, or coming out for Vita. If $249 feels like an arm and a leg for you then I suggest you buy a PSP 3000, this is a big boys handheld.

Deeloc2539d ago

i wonder how much 32gb gonna be???

Deeloc2539d ago

nope gonna be less than that for me on amazon

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The story is too old to be commented.