Developers have feelings too?

Official Xbox Magazine editor and gameplayer writer Tristan Ogilvie has explored the reaction of developers to critics in his latest blog. Taking aim in particular at Jeff Minter.

"If you're going to pander to the wishes of your existing fan base, then how can you complain when you miss out on expanded mainstream success?"

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name3878d ago

I've always thought of this too. People often ignore the fact that actual human beings created these games, and they'll definetly be affected by certain "criticisms". People also seem to take joy in calling games like Assassin's Creed, blue dragon or lair a "flop". They get some kind of weird pleasure off of it, because it gives them more ammo in this retarded fanboy war. The internet is teh stoopidz.

ravinash3878d ago

Sometimes companies get too tied up with the business side of things and forget what it is they are making...GAMES!
Often you'll have companies like EA who just keep churning out the same game over and over just to make money, and you can see the quality of the game slip. And in a lot of way you can even see the Developers who on these games will to live slowly slip away.
Then you have companies like Naughty Dog who show that they are still enjoy what their doing, and good games come out because of that.

Games are suppose to be fun people! have fun making them!

Afterburn3878d ago

and I ran into a bunch of the Insomniac guys in a ranked game. I bet they look at a lot of the other online games to compare them and see strengths/weaknesses. Back to topic - No one likes to hear that their effort is cr4p though. You also have to wonder how tied these guys hands really are. You might have a brilliant developer that has no creative freedom to put out a great game beacause they're tied down by budget / management / time constraints. I really doubt anyone puts out junk on purpose.

jinn3875d ago

unless they make games for the wii