Will Piracy Be The Downfall of PC Gaming? writes: It’s no secret that piracy is a big issue in most industries; whether you’re the director of Paramount’s latest blockbuster, the leading man in HBO’s latest series or just the lead singer in the hip emo/punk/wannabe rock band of the moment, chances are your creative output is being stolen right this second.

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rabidpancakeburglar2417d ago

Agreed, it most likely won't. But it is forcing devs/publishers to take action which alienates PC gamers.

Perjoss2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Funny though isn't it how its the legit folk that actually hand over the hard earned cash and actually love the devs that ultimately get screwed over. And when I say funny I mean its not funny at all, not even slightly.

Legit Fan: "damn this DRM, damn it!"
Dirty Pirate: "what DRM?"

ATi_Elite2417d ago

Man it must be really really slow for Gaming News to drag this mess out of the graveyard!

Piracy on the PC was suppose to kill PC Gaming like 10 years ago but as you can see PC Gaming is stronger than ever!!

Oh by the way congrats to Steam on reaching 5 million concurrent users! I'm sure by the end of 2012 Steam will be on 6 or maybe 7 million.

Well back to playing Dragon Nest!!

Pandamobile2417d ago

PC is doomed article # 12852552

hellerphant2417d ago

It's not all doom and gloom, but you have to admit when Ubisoft flat out refuse to bring a game to the PC platform and say piracy is the reason why, there are some issues there.

ATi_Elite2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Ubisoft is full of crap! They bash PC gaming but they still deliver PC games.

Silent Hunter series, Heroes of Might and Magic series, and Anno series are PC exclusives while Tom Clancy "anything" always makes an appearance on the PC. Come to think of it what Ubisoft title isn't on the PC?

The PC is getting it's own Free 2 Play version of Ghost Recon so PC Gamers are NOT missing out on Ubisoft's next title.

Ubisoft is just slow in adapting to the PC platform and thinking it's the same as consoles when it's NOT.

totally different business model!!

death2smoochie2417d ago

Yet how many Xbox360 games have been pirated...many of those UBI-Soft games? LOL

Baka-akaB2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

it's nothing new that ubisoft is ignoring pc a bit , after it's mostly via consoles that they grew this big .

But who cares , if it hasnt killed the pc market years ago when paricy was at its paroxysm , it certainly wont now

ZombieAssassin2417d ago

I'd say it's the platforms biggest problem which sucks because I believe a lot of devs/pubs don't bring their games to PC because of it so PC only gamers miss out on some great games. I'd say more and more devs not giving modding tools anymore is also a bad trend that should stop.

steve30x2417d ago

Yet again a stupid news article that claims Piracy is killing PC gaming

Bounkass2417d ago

They said that 5 years ago too.

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