The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Wins the First Annual Kotaku Community Game of the Year Award

Kotaku - While Portal 2 walked away with Kotaku's official game of the year award for 2011, Kotaku commenters held their own damn awards this year and they ended with a resounding chorus of "FUS ROH DAH".

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jthamind2454d ago

looks like Kotaku >> their community then. lol. because Portal 2 takes a nice, healthy shit all over Skyrim.

mistajeff2453d ago

I loved Skyrim. But objectively, it was not the best game released this year, by far. I guess it all comes down to the question posed to the community; "what was the best game this year?" vs "what was your favorite game this year?". Which is why I'm not a fan of vague surveys that ask you to respond to a simple "Game of the Year:" prompt.

Venjense2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I'd give GOTY to Batman or Deus Ex.

There are a lot of games that I'd put above Portal 2. IMO it wouldn't even be a contender for GOTY. It was good but not great - it was my fav puzzle game but no where near my fav game this year.

Some games made me feel like I was playing next-gen gaming, not in terms of graphics but in terms of design, they were just so well executed and polished.

humbleopinion2453d ago

I have to second that. Skyrim eclipes all, but if any other game can be considered GOTY competitors it's Batman and Deus Ex.
Portal was nice, and did made me laugh at some points, but it was still an overstretched puzzle game with pretty weak puzzles compared to the first game.

MsclMexican2453d ago

And this is how Bethesda gets away with making broken games...

Sigh... I have lost all faith in gaming right now

jeseth2453d ago

Even though I love it, I must admit ... the game plays pretty crappy (PS3 version). I was a bit surprised too. Fallout 3 actually plays and performs better, I noticed it almost immediately.

I imagine the PC version is excellent, but the console version gets really choppy and clumsy at times. The game is very good especially if you love the genre but to blindly overlook its faults would be unfair to other games.

Many games get shredded for the very faults that Skyrim has, yet Skyrim has seemingly gotten a pass.

kma2k2453d ago

I can proudly say ive platinumed there last 3 games fallout 3, New Vegas, & Skyrim :) serisouly though ive spent way to many hours of my life playing your games bethesda!

Zha1tan2453d ago

^ "Skyrim because its only cool when its not popular" - Gamer Logic

If your going to play an Elder Scrolls game play it on PC because you can command console most of the bugs and correct them and also download some great mods.

Seems to be all this Skyrim hating has just come out of the woodwork as it has achieved more and more popularity.

RedDead2453d ago

You just can't accept some people don't like the game? If you have to ask why people don't like it then you are blinded by the scale of the game. Most people can look by the faults of it. I can't. People generally say the faults are forgivable because what bethesda is aiming for and has achieved is...greater than the faults. I simply disagree on that. I don't care if it's popular, do i dislike FF7? No. Halo? No. Uncharted? No. Mario? No. But I don't like Skyrim.

fooxy2453d ago

Meh will wait for GOTY $40 edition next year, at least by that time game might be patched :P

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