PS Vita - West Launch Doomed?

The biggest test for Vita will be in North America. There's no doubting that. That is a market that is embracing all types of digital interaction and technology: smartphones, tablets, digital distribution platforms, social networking. It's the central hub of all of these things, and Sony has ultimately built a handheld to compliment this market's needs.

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TurretKiller2539d ago

Doom and gloom article No.3982

Majin-vegeta2539d ago

Lol the hate for Sony just keeps on coming keep it up haters are your doing is making fools of yourselves.Oh i remember the glory days of "OMGZ TEH PS3 IS GONNA FAIL CUZ IT HAS NO EXCLUSIVEZ TAKE THAT SONY FANBOYS"
and here we are in 2011 and where is the PS3??Thought so not anywhere near where people would say it would be.

TurretKiller2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Yet now the 360 fans seem to have changed the rules and now it's about the three things they can say MS do better then Sony, sales, profits, how much money the company has and advertising. It's even funny though because those things are non gaming related

Better watch what you say though, for being done for trolling in the anti Sony IGN article No.3981 I guess you can defend Sony. Guess one of the mods have beef with Sony aswell....should never let personal feelings get in the way of your work

BluEx6102539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I'm buying PS Vita day one, I don't care how well it did in Japan's launch. This will have more use to me than my iPad 2, at half the price. I'm not worried about sales, once CoD fans realize you can play CoD on the go, hardware sales will sky-rocket.

SuperLupe2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

The article is from " +". 360 fanboys alright. I can feel it, the conspiracy is growing bigger.

You see guys as incredible as it may sound to you sometimes people have opinions. Not everybody has had their brain removed by Sony and have a Cell chip at the place.

rabidpancakeburglar2539d ago

Is the number really that low? I thought that it was in the tens of thousands.

JaredH2539d ago

It's a weird idea but I think people should just wait and see how the Vita performs in sales instead of guessing either way. I'm excited for it and if I have the money when it releases I will probably buy one.

Oldman1002539d ago

I wonder if there would be less of these articles if the vita had built in storage or an included memory card. Because it's really the only issue I see with it.

vickers5002539d ago

I just reported it as lame, and I suggest you all do the same if you are tired of seeing these crappy articles.

JoeReno2539d ago

Seriously, and I for one thank you for that, kind sir.

GribbleGrunger2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

i just read a reply to a post of mine in another doom and gloom thread and the poster said there's as much doom and gloom articles for MS as well... seriously, are most of the people on here 360 fanboys? or has the last seven months i've been posting on here been the exception to the rule?

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IGW_Fobia2539d ago

"Many of us will pay that, and there's no doubting Vita's appeal to the "hardcore", but high-priced "core" products seem to be a risky venture for these major players in such financially unstable times. "

Isn't this how it is a lot of the time? A new system will come out, because of its price, that will turn many people off of the system. Once the price lowers, more are willing to pay the price for the system.

ZombieAssassin2539d ago

Exactly you have the people who will stand in line all night just to get one first then you have people like me who wait. I didn't get a PSP until after the 3000 model came out and I had a huge profile of games to choose from, don't know if I'll wait that long this time but I know I'll most likely wait till a newer model is brought out to see if it can connect to a TV.

GirlyGamer2538d ago

That's how it's been since the dawn of time. The moment things get a price drop they start selling. And since most of the complaints we've seen are all about money then more so for the vita. They should have made a wifi bundle in the U.S. I'd have been all over that and a lot of people too.

moparful992539d ago

These journalists are losing alot of their integrity.. No longer is it about facts and delivering news without bias.. These articles are chock full of opinions and bias... All I know is on february 15th when I bring home my shiny new first edition bundle nothing these haters can say will change that.... Long Live Vita.

ZombieAssassin2539d ago

Most articles on N4G are done by "hack" journalists, people with no real knowledge of journalism. They usually have no real connections and steal most of their actual news from other sites then rush to submit it here first to make their site look good. 90% of the articles that get the most clicks have flame-bait titles and are just the authors hit seeking opinions.

But...through all the bad their is some good on N4G, you can usually find a lot of exclusive interviews and really recent news without having to go visit 20 different sites a day.

Aery2539d ago

Totally agree.
The simple truth.

user8586212539d ago

Yep, keep the articles coming lol

smashcrashbash2539d ago

I swear I think people are rooting for the VITA to fail. Seriously, I may have thought the 3DS might not do so well but i never WANTED it to fail. It is really pathetic for any gamer or person to want something to fail.When the Dreamcast died out it was such a waste. It had so much potential and great games. So I am not sure what is with the consent doom and gloom with a hundred articles being approved saying the same thing over and over again. what do you gain from its failure?

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