Are Gamers Ready To Lose Their Discs And Go All-Digital?

Over the last few years, digital content distribution and cloud-gaming have become quite commonplace within the game industry as well as with gamers. Services like Steam, Onlive, Direct2Drive, XBox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network, Origin, and most imporantly the iOS App Store have found their audiences within the masses. Due to increased competition and availability of game download/streaming services, companies like Blockbuster, Best Buy, Rogers Video and other physical retail/rental businesses have either suffered immensely or outright claimed bankruptcy.

Do these signs signal the end of the physical game disc?

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GribbleGrunger2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

a bit of both in my opinion. making the downloadable games cheaper would be a step in the right direction. let's see if it works on the Vita. Sony say they're happy with downloadable sales but what i'd like them to do is start releasing sales figures for them

darthv722512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

are those who game predominantly on the ps3. Now there is some legitimacy to their view because of the increased space of the bluray disc generally means the option of a digital PS3 game is somewhat out of reach.

That seems to be correct when it comes to some high capacity exclusive games although there are some good exclusives on PSN for download (ex infamous, Warhawk etc). Looking at the 360 you can see there are a great number of titles that can be downloaded from XBL that are the same games at retail. Obviously the fact the retail game is a DVD can account for its availability on live in digital form.

So in this case size DOES matter. Price should matter as well but i see a problem with digital content not getting the adjustments in price like retail copies do. Not just in the sense of used games but games in general at retail can have specials when there is an overstock.

I picked up guitar hero warriors of rock for $5 at target brand new. It wasnt on clearance and it wasnt any special time of year. Since getting it i see they have it on the shelf for $29.99. If you look at the live version (if its available) they would likely have it listed at the retail price between $20-30.

Sometimes digital games go on sale but their pricing just doesnt jive with retail as retail outlets have more room to adjust the prices to stock on hand. Digital....there is no "stock" so you are at the mercy of whatever that service wants to charge.

Now that is an example of buying something directly through live. There are digital download cards that can be found at retail for digital games only and those can have similar breaks in price like retail games. I was lucky enough to get alan wake for $2 from amazon ($8 shipping WTF) and received the card with code to enter on live and got the game. Alan wake currently is on live for $20 so I made out better as even the used retail version is over $15.

There could be advantages to digital if prices were competitive. Yet with no one to really compete with when it comes to PSN or Live or Steam (depending on platform) you would have to pay what they are asking in order to get the game for your platform.

It is a convenience to be able to download titles and like the phrase goes...convenience comes with a price.

edit: actually that first part seems a bit out of place. There could be just as many pc and 360 gamers who are against digital dist as well. My appologies to singling out the ps3 crowd.

Hicken2512d ago

It's not JUST about playing solely on PS3. Even if I didn't have a PS3, I'd say the same thing.

I like having my solid copies that I can take wherever and give to whomever. I like having something that, in a pinch, I can sell and get a bit of money from. And in this digital age, I like to have a non-corruptible version of the games I like, in case anything happens to the hard drive/servers.

If my internet goes down, I can still play. If I get a new system, I can still play. Once my console is obsolete, I can still play.

I wouldn't be cool with being told what I could and couldn't do with my movies or songs, and my games are the same: I bought them for my enjoyment, so I should be able to do with them what I want.

Console preference is irrelevant.

Majin-vegeta2513d ago

No cuz if i buy something and i can't touch it it feels like it's not even mine.Like i said before the day i can no longer hold my games i'll just quit gaming.

Pandamobile2513d ago

I've bought like 3 or 4 retail games in the last 3 years.

I could live without physical media.

PirateThom2513d ago

Absolutely not. Handing over that much power to digital is foolish, they can choose just to pull your licence to use the game on a whim, ban or suspend your account and there's really nothing you can do about it. Entire game library gone.

gamernova2512d ago

Only hackers should be worried about that.

Jake_the_Dog2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

If you use origin and say something in the forums the mods find offensive, they'll ban you from your account, making all your game purchases worthless. You would literally have to buy all your games to play them.

Hufandpuf2513d ago

yeah I'm ready, so when all my content goes missing or corrupted, I can sue.

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