The Top 20 Skyrim Music Tracks

Jeremy Soule, the "John Williams of video game music", has played a big part in making the Elder Scrolls series the immersive experience that it is, with the musical score of each game creating a perfect atmosphere for exploration, conflict, and general scenery-porn.

Here are 20 of the best music tracks from the most recent Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim.

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SquirrelT2508d ago

does for WRPGs what Uematsu does for JRPGs.

sonicsidewinder2508d ago

I'm a big fan of Soule's music.

Total Annihilation's being my fav.

But yeah, Skyrim itself just really aint all that, game-wise, but it's soundtrack is real nice.

Streets of Whiterun. First time it came on was at night, in whiterun, witnessing my first aurora borealis.

I scanned the stars slowly, the moon so close you could reach out and touch it... the game itself isn't all people make it up to be, it falls short in so many areas, but for those kind of moments it's worth a few short-comings.

SquirrelT2508d ago

Plenty of short-comings, I agree, but the first 30-odd hours I had with the game are without a doubt the most immersive since...well, Oblivion. TES series has never been about the polished gameplay for me, its been more about - as you said - those moments where the artistic design and the graphics and the scope and the music come together and just make you stop and stare. My first Aurora Borealis was when I was climbing the steps towards High Hrothgar. I'll give the game 10/10 just for that.

SP3333D-O2508d ago

The amazing soundtrack and environments easily account for 75% of the addictive experience for me.